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    The types of cows

    If a communist has two cows, he gives both to the government, and the government sells him some of the milk.

    If a Socialist has two cows, he gives both to the government, and the government gives him some of the milk.

    If a Nazi has two cows, the government shoots him, and takes both cows.

    If a Capitalist has two cows, he sells one and buys a bull.

    If a New dealist has two cows, he kills one, milks the other, and throws away the milk.

    If a Liberalist has two cows, he sells them to the rich, then taxes them one cow and gives it to the poor.

    If a Conservatist has two cows, he locks them up and charges people to look at them.

    If an Atheist has two cows, he doesn't believe it.

    If a Taoist has two cows, he lets them wander off.

    If a Platonist has two cows, he looks for two others to milk.

    If a Aristocrat has two cows, he sells them and buys one big one.

    If a Pacifist has two cows, they stampede him.

    If a government worker has two cows, he can't sell them, fire them, or even label them as cows.

    If a Hillary Clinton has two cows, she robs the ranches and gives everyone two cows. If she doesn't have enough, she gives them bull.

    The definition of BTU

    Recent confusion about the meaning of the abbreviation BTU has lead to the creation of set definitions that may be used when discussing its meaning.

    1. Big Time Unemployment
    2. Buy Thermal Underwear
    3. Bill's Tax Utopia
    4. Being Totally Unfair

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