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    Army needs new recruits

    Top Ways The Army Is Trying To Boost Recruiting

    8. Military transport flights now earn you Delta frequent flier miles

    7. Where else can you shoot guns and get awakened in the middle of the night by loud explosions besides New York, Chicago and Detroit?

    3. Make it so every hand grenade has a creamy nougat center

    6. Get rid of all those creepy "Richard Simmons Wants You" posters

    5. Intelligence spy satellite may be used to watch television 24 hours a day

    4. Superiors may now be addressed as "Dude"

    2. Next mission: all-out invasion of Temptation Island

    1. New slogan "Army of One" replaces "Hope You Like Scrubbing Latrines!"

    Give us new missiles

    The 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon resulted in many dogfights between Syrian and Israeli jet fighters.

    In the end, the Syrians lost over 80 planes and had a number of SAM batteries knocked out, while the Israelis lost no planes.

    Sometime later, the Syrian Defense Minister was shopping for weapons in Moscow.

    His host, the Soviet Defense Minister, was embarrassed about the scorecard from Lebanon.

    He told his Syrian guest, "Take anything you want - our best tanks, rifles, or surface-to-air missiles."

    "No, no - you don't understand!" the Syrian replied. "Last time you gave us surface-to-air missiles. This time we need surface-to-*jet* missiles!"

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