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    Murphy's Law

    The Army Weather Corollaries

    Inclement weather always begins AFTER you've already done PT.

    A sudden downpour always occurs at the end of a summer field exercise--just in time coat all your equipment and camouflage with mud.

    The best beach weather always occurs when you are in the field wearing MOPP 4.

    There is no such thing as a blue sky during a company picnic.

    There is no such thing as a cloudy sky when your unit needs to infiltrate enemy territory.

    Road conditions are always red when it's time to convoy home.

    Motor pools are always 20 degrees warmer than the rest of the post during the summer and 50 degrees colder in the winter.

    Army training areas exist in a constant state of weather flux controlled by a deity with a truly cruel sense of humor--How do you think we got them so cheap?

    The peak of Mt. Everest would flood if an Army unit was told to set up on it.

    Hell really would freeze over if someone decided to conduct an exercise there.

    The Port-a-Potty Postulate states that the likelihood of a hurricane, sandstorm, tsunami, or blizzard occurring immediately over your location is directly related to how bad you need to get to the portajohns at the other side of the campsite in the middle of the night.

    The temperature always rises to 70 degrees AFTER you put on two layers of polypros, your bear suit, and all of your Gortex.

    If you whine about the weather, someone else will always whine louder.

    Rules of the Rucksack

    1. No matter how carefully you pack, a rucksack is always too small.

    2. No matter how small, a rucksack is always too heavy.

    3. No matter how heavy, a rucksack will never contain what you want.

    4. No matter what you need, it's always at the bottom.

    Phillip's Law:

    Four-wheel-drive just means getting stuck in more inaccessible places.

    Weatherwax's Postulate:

    The degree to which you overreact to information will be in inverse proportion to its accuracy.

    Least Credible Sentences:

    1. The check is in the mail.

    2. The trucks will be on the drop zone.

    3. Of course I'll respect you in the morning.

    4. I'm from the government and I'm here to help you.

    Brintnall's Second Law:

    If you receive two contradictory orders, obey them both.

    Pavlu's Rules for Economy in Decision Papers:

    1. Refute the last established recommendation.

    2. Add yours.

    3. Pass the paper on.

    Oliver's Law:

    Experience is something you don't get until after you need it.

    Lackland's Laws:

    1. Never be first.

    2. Never be last.

    3. Never volunteer for anything.

    Rune's Rule:

    If you don't care where you are, you ain't lost.

    Law of Supply (also known as the Law of Gifts):

    You get the most of what you need the least.

    Hane's Law:

    There is no limit to how bad things can get.

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