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Funny Answering Machine Messages
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    Beethoven's Fifth:

    Nobody's home.

    Why did you phone?

    Please leave your message here when you have heard the tone,

    And we will call you back as soon as we get home.

    Your message here,

    After the tone,

    Here is the tone... tone... BEEP

    Voice 1: Gee, Dave, what do you feel like doing tonight?

    Voice 2: Same thing we do every night, Rob... Try to take over

    the world! (Sing:)

    They're David and the Rob,

    Yes, David and the Rob,

    One is a drummer, the other needs a job.

    They're not at home right now, so please don't have a cow,

    Leave a message -- for David and the Rob, Rob, Rob, Rob, Rob.

    "Under the Boardwalk":

    Oh, when you call our room,

    and all you get is a machine,

    and then you get so upset,

    you feel as if you want to scream.

    Please leave a message

    after the be-ep.

    And John or Tom will get back you,

    as soon as they can.

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