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    Meat Loaf's "I'd Do Anything For Love":

    And I would do anything for calls,

    I promise I will call you back;

    I would do anything for calls,

    But I can't talk right now and that's a fact.

    I'm not home right now, so I just can't answer the phone,

    No way,

    But I would do anything for calls,

    Oh, I would do anything for calls!

    Just let me know who it was who called,

    And I'll call you back!

    Yes, I'll call you back!

    Just leave a message at the tone,

    I'll hear it when I get back home,

    And I will call -- you -- back!

    U2's "With or Without You":

    No one's here to answer the phone,

    Leave a message at the tone,

    And we'll get back to you.

    We'll get back to you!

    "The Check is in the Mail" by Weird Al Yankovich:

    Well hey how you doin'? Have a seat have a drink,

    Boy it's good to see you what can I say,

    Oh sorry got to run we'll get together again,

    Say what was your name anyway?

    Well we're working on the problem --

    We'll get back to you soon,

    Don't try to call me I'll be in a meeting every afternoon for a year, maybe longer, keep in touch, thanks for dropping by and have a nice day.

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