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Let's get off moms, 'cause I just got off yours.

Let's get off moms, 'cause she can't handle those five men on her now.

I ain't got nuthin' bad to say 'bout Yo mama, 'cause her face says it all!

I'm sorry, I shouldn't talk about Yo mama, 'cause I don't even know the man.

Hey keep my mom out of this and I'll keep this out of Yo mama!

If I wanted any lip from you I'd jiggle my zipper.

If I wanted a comeback, I'd just wipe it off Yo mama's chin.

Hey, if I wanted a comeback, I'd wipe off your chin.

Nice comeback muthafucka, you can scrape that off Yo chin and use it again!

Hey I don't have a mom, me and my dad just use yours!

Hey, I got nothing to say about Yo Mama 'cause she's a real saint... a Saint Bernard.

Man, I ain't even gonna talk about yo daddy 'cause I know him. He's got a human body but a dog's behind... and around the way we call him a bitch ass nigga'.

Yo father's like cement, takes him two days to get hard.

I saw Yo father jacking off into a paper sack, I asked what he was doing, he said packing your lunch.

I called Yo father a fag and he hit me with his purse!

Yo father's so fat, even his dick has rolls.

Yo dadís so stupid, when Yo mama says "Fuck me silly and make it hurt!" he puts on a clown suit and hits her with a brick before he does her.

Yo dad's so stupid, he has to unzip his pants to count to 11.

Yo father's dick is so small, he makes yo mama look hung.

Yo father's dick is so small, he pisses on his nuts.

Yo father's dick is so small, he'd been fucking yo mama for an hour and she asked if it was in yet.

Yo father's so ugly, he couldn't get laid in a monkey whore house with a bag of bananas.

Yo mamma's so fat, when she wears a red dress, the kids in the neighborhood yell, "Hey, Kool-Aid!" Next page

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