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Roses are red, violets are black, why's Yo mama's chest, as flat as her back?

Roses are red, Yo mom's lips are blue, she sucked off that Smurf and did me up too.

Roses are red, violets are yellow, that guy that just fucked Yo mama is a jolly good fellow. Roses are red, violets are blue, I gave your mom a dollar and she fucked me too!

Roses are red, Yo mama's a witch, give her a quarter and she'll be your bitch.

Violets are blue, roses are red, please tell Yo mama that she gives some good head.

Roses are red, violets are whack, damn Yo mama smells like ass crack. I don't mean to be mean, but Yo mama needs Listerine, not a sip, not a swallow, but the whole damn bottle.

This is a fact, Yo mama's breath is wack, she needs a Tic, not a Tac, but the whole damn pack.

Roses are red, I'm at the door, Yo mama has a cup saying "Change for the poor."

Roses are red, violets are blue, Yo mama stinks, and so do you.

Roses are red, violets are blue, what Yo mama needs is a good shampoo.

Yo mama's like a birthday cake, everybody gets a piece.

Yo mama's like Burger King... Your way, right away.

Yo mama's like a bungee cord... 100 dollars for 30 seconds and if that rubber breaks, your ass is dead.

Yo mama's like a squirrel, she's always got some nuts in her mouth.

Yo mama's like a Snickers bar, packed with nuts.

Yo mama's like 7-Eleven... open all night, hot to go, and for 89 cents you can get a slurpy.

Yo mama's like a hardware store, 25 cents a screw.

Yo mama's like Humpty Dumpty... first she gets humped, then she gets dumped.

Yo mama's like the Bermuda Triangle, they both swallow a lot of seamen.

Yo mama's like the new AOL 4.0: Fun, fast, easy and free!

Yo mama's like a nickel, she ain't worth a dime.

Yo mama's like a fine restaurant, she only takes deliveries in the rear.

Yo mama's like a Mr. Bucket, balls are always popping out of her mouth.

Yo mama's like a Mr. Bucket, I can always put my balls in her mouth.

Yo mama's like a chicken coop, cocks fly in and out all day.

Yo mama's like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, there's no wrong way to eat her.

Yo mama's like a streetlamp, you can find her turned on at night on any street corner.

Yo mama's like a telephone booth, open to the public, costs a quarter, and guys go in and out all day.

Yo mama's like a library, open to the public.

Yo mama's like a Chinese restaurant, $4.95 all you can eat.

Yo mama's like an ATM, open 24 hours.

Yo mama's like Discover card, she gives cash back.

Yo mama's like a basketball hoop, everybody gets a shot.

Yo mama's like a microwave, one button and she's hot.

Yo mama's like speakers, loud, ugly, lives in a box, and you can turn her up, down, on, and off.

Yo mama's like a mail box, open day and night.

Yo mama's like a bag of potato chips, "Free-To-Lay."

Yo mama's like a turtle, once she's on her back she's fucked.

Yo mama's like a championship ring, everybody puts a finger in her.

Yo mama's like a paper towel, she picks up all kinds of slimy wet stuff.

Yo mama's like a bowling ball... round, heavy, and you can fit three fingers in.

Yo mama's like a bowling ball, she always winds up in the gutter.

Yo mama's like the sun, look at her too long and you'll go blind.

Yo mama's like a bowling ball, she gets picked up, fingered, thrown down the gutter, and she still comes back for more.

Yo mama's like cheap liquor, tastes like shit.

Yo mama's like a bus, guys climb on and off her all day long.

Yo mama's like a bubble gum machine, 5 cents a blow.

Yo mama's like a fan, she's always blowing someone.

Yo mama's like Bazooka Joe, 5 cents a blow.

Yo mama's like a Christmas tree, everybody hangs balls on her.

Yo mama's like school at 3 o'clock... children keep coming out and nobody can remember all the fathers.

Yo mama's like a door knob, everybody gets a turn.

Yo mama's like Dominoes Pizza, something for nothing.

Yo mama's like Dominoes Pizza, one call does it all.

Yo mama's like Pizza Hut, if she isn't there in 30 minutes... it's free.

Yo mama's like Blockbuster Video, everyone goes home happy.

Yo mama's like Sprint, 10 cents a minute anywhere in the country.

Yo mama's like a carpenter's dream, flat as a board and easy to nail.

Yo mama's like a gas station... you gotta pay before you pump.

Yo mama's like a goalie: she changes her pads after three periods.

Yo mama's like a light switch, even a little kid can turn her on.

Yo mamma's so fat, it takes a train and two buses to get on her good side. Next page

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