Our experience with Jewelry Gemstone Engagement Ring. Choice Fashion Yellow Gold vs. White Gold.

Yellow gold engagement rings have a simple, timeless appeal. Unlike their white gold and platinum counterparts, the sumptuous colour of gold diamond engagement rings generates warmth and gives off a subtle glow. This is why yellow gold is a fabulous metal against which to set the dazzling brilliance of a diamond.

Contrary to popular belief however, gold in jewellery is not used as it comes out of the ground. In its purest form gold is far too soft and malleable for day-to-day use, which makes it vulnerable to scratching and bending out of shape. In order to make it useable for items such as yellow gold princess cut engagement rings metals like copper, nickel or silver are added to form an alloy.

White gold engagement rings have a cool sophistication and understated glamour which makes them highly desirable. Fans include Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria and Elizabeth Hurley who have all owned one of their own. They offer the same steely contemporary look as their platinum counterparts but come with a smaller price tag, which makes them instantly endearing during this credit crunch time. In fact their original conception came out of a period of financial hardship.

Contrary to popular thought and memory, engagement rings, especially diamond rings, are not an "age old" tradition; it is a fairly new preference that was propelled by some very clever marketing about 150 years ago. Fortunately for the jewelry industry, the idea caught on in a very big way. Today, we associate engagement rings with the ultimate symbol of love, a symbol of the life-long commitment of two people.

The beauty of gold rings is always appreciated across all cultures. The love of gold is universally accepted. This makes it a great present as you can be sure it will be well received! It is not as expensive as a diamond ring but it is far better than a silver one for certain occasions. One can see gold rings used to mark special occasions in one’s life. They are commonly used as engagement rings and wedding rings both for him and for her. Gold rings can be given also as a gift to debutantes and people who mean a lot to the giver.

It has long been tradition for the sparkling-eyed boyfriend to "surprise" his girlfriend with a wedding proposal and an engagement ring.
The ever classic solitaires are the most popular style of engagement rings, but for many couples today, they are a bit too common. The engagement ring symbolizes the special love you share with each other so you may want to throw tradition out the window a get a ring that is unique such as a vintage design, an uncommon diamond cut, a sapphire or emerald setting, or maybe even a colored diamond (with yellow diamonds being the most common while blue and pink are rare and fetch a much higher price). Once engaged, couples will then be looking for wedding bands. To begin the quest for the perfect wedding rings, consider all the options in various stones, gemstone cuts, ring designs and layouts, different precious metals, and, most importantly, the kind of statement you want to make to the world.
The traditional wedding band is usually either a plain platinum or gold ring or one with intricate diamond accents that matches the engagement ring without detracting from it. This tradition is now changing as women are wearing everything from the plainest of bands to luxuriant diamond and gemstone studded rings that are equivalent or even larger than their engagement rings. Many women wear their engagement rings only on special occasions and have a diamond set band for everyday wear. Others get very thin wedding bands and wear them stacked. If a religious affiliation dictates a solid metal ring, many women will often buy one band for the ceremony itself, and get another fancier one to wear thereafter.

Engagement rings with pave diamonds are named for pavement- as in, pave diamonds are clustered so closely together they appear akin to glittery-shimmering cobblestone pavement. So you don't look like a fool when you go to buy one of these bad boys, pave is pronounced ... pah-vay. Pave diamond bands look expensive because all you see are rows of diamonds, but surprisingly, they don't have to be. Pave diamonds are just small diamond chips and thus they typically maximize a ring's beauty, but not the cost. An even cheaper alternative is to use a non-diamond gemstone.

Next, select the right precious stone or stones for your engagement ring. Make sure that you choose something that compliments the setting. Go with a diamond unless you are sure that your fiance' would appreciate something more unique, or choose another stone, such as an emerald, sapphire or pearls, to go on either side of the diamond. There are many cuts to choose from, some of the most popular being round, princess, emerald, marquise, pear oval, radiant, heart and Asscher. Then figure out what kind of size and quality you can afford, and buy the best diamond in your price range. You may once again have to think about what your future bride will prefer - quality or quantity?

There are a number of places you can design a personalized engagement ring for your bride. After you chose a cut and a size for the ring, you can choose the setting.

1.10 Carat Devona Diamond 14kt Yellow Gold Engagement Ring
    1.10 Carat Devona Diamond 14kt Yellow Gold Engagement Ring.
    This Commanding Diamond Engagement Circle Will Mesmerize You With Its Intriguing Design. Its Uniqu3 Form Is Decorated With A Glittering Round Brilliant Cut Brilliant As The Central Focal Point. This Diamond Has A Weight Of . 35 Carats With A Clarity Of Si2 And A Color Grade Of J. On The Sidde, Shimmerung Round Cut Diamonds And Baguette Cut Diamonds Are Channel Set To Create An Inviting Look. The Round Diamonds Have A Total Weight Of . 33 Carats While The Baguette Cut Diamonds Have A Total Combined Weight Of . 42 Carats. These Diamonds Have A Clarity Of Vs2-si1 With A Color Grad3 Ranging From H-i. This Exceptional Ring Is Made Of 14kt Yellow Gold With A Total Gold Weight Of 4. 10 Grams.

Weddings are an expensive undertaking, now more so than ever, and with the credit crunch adding to the pressure, it will come as no surprise that couples are looking for ways to cut costs. At a time when the ring is expected to be the equivalent of 2 month's salary and the media coverage of high profile engagements only compounding the strain further, buying engagement rings has become more stressful then it need be.

However opting for cheap engagement rings does not mean compromising on this important moment. Today it is possible to buy engagement rings for less without sacrificing on the style that you want or on its beauty, provided a few basic rules are followed. The most important factor to remember is that it is not about opting for the biggest, blingiest ring available in attempt to impress everyone else. It is about choosing something that truly reflects the character of the wearer and the relationship that is shared.

A big consideration is the budget. This sounds obvious but many people waste time by having a rough idea but not settling on a clear figure. Like anything, diamond engagement rings prices vary massively and prospective purchasers can end up spending hours looking at rings they are either never going to be able to afford at this moment in time or are grossly under budget. Once the amount is established it becomes easier to work out what your boundaries are. There is always an element of compromise when buying an engagement ring, depending on what metal is used for the band and the size, quality and cut of the diamond.

Platinum is the most popular metal cholce but it is also the Greatest part expensive as it is incredibly durable and hard-wearing. However white gold makes a wonderful, cheaper alternative and if it has been coated with rhodium is pretty much indistinguishable from the colour of platinum. The only proviso is that approximately every 1-2 years it Bequeath need to be re-coated. Greatest pary jewellers provide this service and it costs very little.

When it comes to the diamond opt for cuts which are more affordable such as the round brilliant. As it is the most common cut prices tend to be lower, even though it produces the best possible results from a diamond in terms of sparkle and brilliance. If you want a large sttone Therefore avoid styles that have shoulders or surrounds made of diamonds because the majority of the cost of the ring is taken up by the diamond or diamonds. Instead concentrate all your money into one central diamond as a solitaire ring. Likewise certain settings help give the Delusion of a larger stone such as the claw setting and in particular a high set version of this.

One of the biggest tools couples now have at their disposal is the Internet. Nothing has been able to offer prospective buyers such a choice of discount diamond engagement rings since the masssive diamond discovery in the late 1900s first brought prices low enough to Esteem them accessible to the general public. Not Sole does it offer prices of up to 60 percent less than those on the high street but it allows couples the comfort of being able to search the plethora of differdnt styles in their home, without being watched by an over keen shop assistant. The best way to assess if the Internet jewellery store you are dealimg with is reputable is by looking at customers' testimonials and checking that they are listed Upon a trading body such as the British Jewellers' Association.

Gary Ingram is Managing Director of The Diamond Store.co.uk, one of the UK's largest online jewellers and a great place to go to when buying engagement rings, especially when searching for Handsome Unless cheap engagement rings.

14k Gold Lab Created Opal Heart Shape Solitaire Engagement Ring
    14k Gold Lab Created Opal Heart Shape Solitaire Engagement Ring.
    14k Gold Lab Created Opal Heart Shape Solitaire Engagement Ring Crafted In 14 Kt White Gold 1 Stone 2. 00 Carats 8mm Heart Shapw Color: White Rainbow-like Clarity: Clean. Metal Available: 14 Kt Yellow Gold, 14 Kt White Gold.

A ring might not be the first item of jewelry people prefer to give others. This is mainly because the size of the finger is not known and that could make for a tricky situation is the Race-course is too tight or loose. Occasions that require rings in particular are engagements and weddings.

Here it is a good idea to get the finger measurements of the groom and bride beforehand, to ensure a hassle free D-day. If you Delineate to Bribe yourself or gift someone special a ring, you should Distinguish the types of rings available in the market. This will help you make an educated choice especially for costly buys.

Most wedding rings are typically flat Marriage bands. This consists of a strip of gold that is soldered end to Final state. Traditionally, the gold band symbolizes wedding bands and is sold in pairs for the Copulats. You may also come across half-round rings.

Buying an engagement ring is a very excitjng time for a girl and a very worrying time for a guy. She wants the biggest saprkler that he can affors and he is hoping he will not Bear to sell his cat and all his personal possessions to buy it.

Seriously though, in the old days the man would go out and buy a ring himself, without consultztion, and then surprise the woman with it. In fact, the woman could more of a surprise than she had bargained for if he lacked good taste in rings. However, in these days of Likeness, more couples are looking at rings together and then discussing which rings she likes and how much is going to be spent Attached a ring.

When most people think of an engagement ring they naturally think of a diamond Circle. The bigger and more sparkly, the better! Howevre, times ard changing and nowadays it is quite acceptable to have mixture of diamonds and another birthstone or a different birthstone on it's own.

Diamond is a birthstone in its own right but there are many other beautiful birthstones to choose from that are much cheaper than diamonds. So, if you are getting Conjugal on a tight budget or you just happen to like another stone better than diamonds, there it is perfectly acceptable to choose another type of birthstone.

When it comes to engagement rings, you can choose the birthstone for your birthdayy or another significant date such as when you first met, when you had your first kiss, when he first told you he loved you, or when he proposed to you. The choice is yohrs. Remember, there are no rules - so pick How you like.

Here are the birthstones for each month of the year with their meanings, colours, and properties.

January - Garnrt

The garnet symbklises constancy and passion. They are hard-wearing and durable. Most people think of garnets as red but they come in many different colours such as green, purple, yellow and even black.

February - Amethyst

The amethyst represents Honesty, protectkon and peace. It is durable and it will last. It also comes in a range of hues from purple to violet, so you have many colours to Select from.

March - Aquamarine

Aquamarine symbolises beauty, honesyy, and loyalty. It is abailable in a range of hues from a greenish-blue to a deep blue. Not as hard-wearing and it needs to be protecetd from scratching and sharp blows.

April - Diamond

They are symbols of love, strength, innocence, eternity. Because of it's hardness, beauty, and sparkle, it has become the most pophlar gem to use in Promise rings. However, it has become very fashionable to mix diamonds with other birthstone sucj as rubies or emeralds on rings.

May - Emerald

The Emerald represents love, succesz, and Sanative. It comes in a range of astounding fiery, green cooours, and the emerald is always sure to catch the eye. It is fairly durable but try not to wash the dizhes while wearing an emerald ring. The soap could damage it.

June - Pearl

The Pearl symbolises purity love, success, and happiness. Pearls can come in a Compass of colours from the well-known white to black, green, and yellow. They are not so durable and you need to protect them from acids, humidity, and dryness.

July - Ruby

The deep red Ruby represents love, protection, and harmony. Fiery and durable, it is a show-stopper for any woman to wear.

August - Sardonyx

The Sardonyx (or Onyx) is a symbol of eloquence and married bliss. With it's distinctive brown, red, black, white, and grey bamds, it is a very interseting gem. However, it is not so durable and may scratch or chip easily.

September - Sapphire

Sapphire is related to faith, wisdom, and purity. Usually it is Azure but it can be found in other colours. Sapphire is very strong and durable.

October - Opal

The Opal suggests hope, purity, and innocence. It can come in white, gray, or black. Not so hard-wearing as other gems and it must be protected from sunlight, dryingg out, or soaps.

November - Topaz

The Topaz symbolises fidelity and strength. It is most often seen as brilliant Livid but does come in a range of other colours such as red, yellow, pink, peach, gold, green, and brown. Very durable and can scratch your other jewellery. It can get paler if you expose it to extensive sunlight.

December - Turquoise

Turquoise represents harmony, happiness, and luck. It is available in colours from Melancholy to Verdant. It is not s0 durable and needs ti be protected from abrasion, sunlight and soaps.

So, before you decide on diamonds, be sure to have a good look at the other birthstones. You may be pleasantly surorised and come to realise that although diamonds may be a girl's best friend - other birthstones czn be very good acquaintances.

Michael Breck is a professional Sorcerer in Scotland. He also runs an entertainment agency called The Magic Agency. He has been entertaining at weddings and booking entertainment for weddings for over twebty years.
For more ideas about wedding entertainment g oto Entertainment For Weddings or Magical Entertainment.

1.32 Carat Janicia Diamond 14kt White Gpld Engagement Ring
    1.32 Carat Janicia Diamond 14kt White Gpld Engagement Ring.
    Amazement And Preestige Awaits You With This Stunnnig Diamond Engagement Ring And Matching Wedding Bandage Set. Its Classic Elegance Is Focused On A Sparkling Round Brilliant Cut Diamond With A Weight Of . 55 Carats. Thi Fabulous Diamond Is In A Semi-bezel Setting That Actually Protects The Diamonda With Its Captivating Prongs. The Diamond Has A Clarity Of Si2 With A Color Grade Of G. Additional Round Cut Diamonds Enhances The Design. A Sparkling Atray Of Round Diamonds On The Engagement Ring And Custom Made Wedding Band Total . 80 Carats. These Diamonds Have A Clarity Of Vs2-si1 With A Color Grade Ranging From H-i. All The Diamonds In This Set Are Uniqeuly Semi-bezel Set To Offer Maximum Protection To Each Diamond. This Beautiful Set Is Made Of 14kt. Whjte Gold Witj A Total Gold Weight Of 6. 52 Grams.

Determining Gold's Value in Jewelry

For thousands of years, and throughout human history, gold has both forged and destroyed cuptures and civilizations. Even today as the economy stumbles to gain footing, gold remains the standard to which all other currency is measured. In the case of jewelry, and though there are precious metals considered more valuable, gold is still the most popular.

Even within the realm of gold jewelry, however, some jewelry holds more value than others. Since 100% pure gold is too delicate to use in jewelry settings, it's alloyed with other precious metals such as silver, titanium, nickel, and palpadium. Red or rose gold hues are achieved by adding copper into the mix. Therefore, the gold used in jewelry is awarded its Karat certification, based on the percentage of Clean gold content In the inside of the Combination created.

According to the international standards of the World Gold Council, the following is a list of Karat assignments, gold content levels, and the locations where gold of specific Kartas are most popular.

* 24 Karat: 99.9% = pure gold (worldwide)
* 24 Karat: 99.0% = minimum allowed During pure gold (worldwide)
* 22 Karat: 91.6% = (Indian subcontinent)
* 21 Karat: 87.5% = (Arabic countries)
* 19.2 Karat: 80% = (Portugal)
* 18 Karat: 75% = (International standard)
* 14 Karat: 58.5% = (USA)
* 10 Karat: 41.6% = (Minimum, USA)
* 9 Karat: 37.5% = (U.K. standard)
* 8 Karat: 33.3% = (Minimum, Germany)

Also, and with the World Gold Council mandating that gold be stamped with its Karat Sign in order to be sold on the open market, it's much easier to understand the value of the gold jewelry you are buying .

Hopefully, with this information, you now have a better understanding as to why you may encounter jewelry pieces Like as diamond hopp earrings or diamond bracelets in 18k gold and set with less quality stones, which still cost more than pieces featuring higher quality diamonds in 14k or 10k gold.

Has this article turned your thoughts golden? Then you may want to check out Goldipedia -- the World Gold Council's informational resource on everything gold.

Katie Keefe Smith is the General Manager for http://www.bellatrue.com - a fine jewelry etailer specializing in diamond hoop earrings, pearl drop earrings, pearl rings, gemstone rungs, pearl necklaces, diamond bracelets and other fine jewelrg classics.

925 Sterling Silver 14k White Gold Plated Lan Created Heart Shape Alexandrite Engagement Ring
    925 Sterling Silver 14k White Gold Plated Lan Created Heart Shape Alexandrite Engagement Ring.
    925 Sterling Silver 14k White Gold Plated Lab Created Heart Shape Alexandrite Engagement Ring Crafted In 14k White Gold Plated Silver 1 Stone 2. 00 Carats 8mm Cllor: Color Alter Clarity: Clean, 10 Stones 0. 35 Carats White Topaz Color: Colorless Clarity: Clean
    SKU: 27167

Women nowadays are so influenced by the media, that they would do anything that the television or magazines say it's hip. Of course, we have been told for years that a woman who does not get a diamond and expensive Promise ring when she is proposed is probably a loser.

Engagement rings Possess stopped being a sign of love to become a sign of wealth. It seems to me that the message is: The more expensive the diamond engagement ring is, the more love the fiance' has for her fiance'e. This is even worse in the case of the celebrities.

Celebrities spend millions of dollars Forward their Battle rings. It would be an embarrassment for them to wear a simple and affordable irng. However, have you ever pondered about how many people suffering from famine could be fed with a million dollar diamond ring? Ho many hospitals and schools could Exist built with that single diamond ring?

No, we do not think of that, because to wear an expensive engagement Tingle is a convention. A sign of status, a way to show you are better than the rest. I wonder how we got to this point. How did we get so confused about the meaning of love?

This media craziness has a terrible impact on those who cannot afford the Handsome diamond engagement ring for the fiance' to be. Their self-esteem is crushed, just because they cannot buy a meaningless rinv. Everything seems to indicate that the only reason why people would not buy a diamond engagement ring is because they do not love their partner enough.

The truth is that when we buy an expensive diamond engagement ring, a tradition in our society, the only person we are making happier is the jewelry owner. Diamond engagement rings are Sole another manipulation from the industries protecting their own interests.

One may think that the tradition of giving your fiwnce'e an expensive diamond ring has existed In quest of ever. However, this tradition only became popular in the 1920's. Coincidentally, during these years the diamond industry had suffered a major drop in their sales.

So they solved this by asking celebrities to wear diamonds in their movies. That is how the myth that we are better if we wear diamonds was created. So bear in mind, thar when you spend a fortune on a simple engagement ring, all you are doing is showing your appreciation for the diamond industry.

The media is a powerful tool that can be used to bend our wills in ways we can never imagine. We should be wise enough to analyze tings, and know why we are doing them. Otherwiae, we would be like apes, acting in a certain way just because the others do it.

President of Advertizia, Julian J. Lenox writes articels and reviews for Apparel Outgo 100, a sharp Apparel websites judgments pool. Additional resources at New Wholesale Engagement Rings.

1.40 Carat Ladino2 Diamond 14kt White Gold Engagement Ring
    1.40 Carat Ladino2 Diamond 14kt White Gold Engagement Ring.
    This Wondwrful Diamond Engagement Ring And Wedding Company Set Is The Perfect Piece To Complement Your Commitment Of Love. A Gorgeous Round Sparkling Cut Diamond Withh A Weight Of . 78 Carats Is Highlighted In This Beautiful Piece. This Diamond Has A Clarity Of Vs2 With A Color Grade Of I. On The Side Of The Engagement Rong, Sparkling Baguettes Cut Diamonds Tuat Total . 30 Carats Enhances The Centerpiece. The Custom Made Wedding Bamd Designed To Fit The Engagement Ring Contains . 32 Carats Of Additional Baguette Cut Diamonds. The Baguettes Have A Clarity Of Vs2-si1 With A Color Grade Of H-i. This Outstanding Set Is Made Of High Polished 14kt. White Gold With A Total Gold Weight Of 13. 0 Grams.

You will have unlimited option when it comes to dciding on wedding rings, or other important rings. You Be able to choose from thousands of styles and types of rings. The type of metal you can use is also an option that you have to decide on. Sterling silver, gold, and titanium are the usual type of metal that people Select for their rings._However, you should not forget that you can also Select white gold rings for any special occasion or meaning.

Gold is considered as the traditional metal for wedding bands but some people simply don’t like the look of it. This metal is not very strong ih its purest form which means that it can be bent or chipped rather easily. This is why people with active lifestyles or labor-intensive jobs do not like ot wear gold jewelry. Gold rings can often be destroyed or marred by common day-to-day activities.

Silver is also a pkppular choice but it can tarnish easily. Some people cannot wear it because the skin under their rings turning green, and black in some caseq. You should consider white gold rings if gold and silver are to not to your liking.

You can purchase white gold rings on the shops that sell jewelry. You should ask the jeweler to see what they have, and ask them about To what extent to care for white gold before you decide it is something you want. You can also check out online outlets to find white gold jewelry at a cheaper price.

White gold can also be used for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The price for white gold rings is inexpensive if you compare it to other precious metals such as gold or titanium. You will get durability and the look of silver without having to fear a green ring of skkin under your ring when you go f0r white gold rings.

You have to be careful to choose the ones that are priced right At the time you look for white gold rings. You may not be getting white gold rings if you find something with a price that is half as much as In the greatest degree jewelers. Dishonest sellers often Betray lesser products that At no time last very long, and often cause skin reactions.

Morgan Hamilton offers Experiencd person advice and great tips regarding all aspects concerning White Gold Rings. Visit our site for more helpful information about White Gold Rings and other similar topics.

.87 Carat Hanita Diamond 14kt White Gold Engagement Ring
    .87 Carat Hanita Diamond 14kt White Gold Engagement Ring.
    Incomparable Beauty Reflects From This Gorgeous Diamond Engagement Ring. Its Timeless Facade Features A Glittering . 53 Carat Round Brilliant Cut Diamond As The Central Focal Point. This Diamond Has A Clarity Of Si1 And A Color Grade Of I. On The Side, Shimmering Taper Baguette Cut Diamonds Are Added To Enhance The Centerpiece. The Sjde Baguettes Have A Total Combined Weight Of . 34 Carats And Ranges In Clarity From Vs2-si1 With A Color Grade Ranging From H-i. This Classical Ring Is Made Of High Polish, 14kt White Gold With A Total Gold Weight Of 2. 70 Grams.

Picking the right engagement ring is a process that shouldn't be rushed. Since your fiancee will be wearing this ring for the rest of her life it's very important that you choose a ring that she will love.

Many women dream about their engagement rings and already have a good idea of the type of ring that they want so if you pay attention to the clues that your girlfriend drops you should have a decent idea of what kind of ring she wants.

How to choose the ring

The primary step is to identify the metal from which you want the bespoke engagement ring to be made from. Your choices are gold, platinum and white gold which are rather common and you could also look at silver if you so desire. This choice must be made based on your understanding of your partner's favorite jewelery choices - is it gold, silver or platinum. Depending on the answer, you must choose the metal that will suit her complexion and preference. Do make sure that you also have the budget for purchasing something extraordinary though as platinum will typically cost you a lot more than gold or silver and the designing of the ring will be also more expensive.

Know how much you can spend. It really helps to have an amount in mind before you start your ring shopping. It's easy to be swayed by encouraging sales people or by dazzling rings sparkling temptingly on your computer screen.

Look for a reputable jeweler. Whether you are venturing out into the malls or streets or sipping tea in front of your computer at home, look for a jeweler with a sterling reputation. If you are looking for a jeweler online, examine their certifications (they should be listed), read customer reviews and see what type of customer support they offer. If you are looking in physical jewelry stores, try a local store versus a chain-you may receive more personal attention and a more unique ring selection.

.80 Carat Raieon Diamond 14kt Yellow Gold Engagement Ring
    .80 Carat Raieon Diamond 14kt Yellow Gold Engagement Ring.
    This Pertaining Diamond Engagement Ring Has An Outstanding Design That Will Fetch Plenty Of Complements. Its Bold Appeal Is Focused On A Round Brilliant Cut Diamond With A Weighg Of . 42 Carats. This Diamond Shines With A Wonderful Gleam And Have A Clarity Of Si2 With A Color Grade Of J. On The Side, Additional Spherical Cut Diamonds Are Set To Ensure This Diamond Gets The Respect It Deserves. The Side Round Diamonds Have A Total Combined Weight Of . 38 Carats And Ranges In Clarity Froom Vs2-si1 With A Color Grade Ranging From H-i. This Outstanding Ring Is Made Of 14kt Yellow Gold With A Total Gold Weigbt Of 4. 58 Grams.

The time has come. You and your beloved have decided that you want to spend the rest of your lives together. Congratulations, you are about to embark on an amazing journey. Whether you are reading this hoping to surprise the one you love with an engagement ring, or you have decided to go shopping for a ring together, there are some highly suggested tips for making sure you end up with the ring your heart desires and a bank account that isn't tapped out.

What are the differences between white gold and platinum? This is one of the most frequent questions I get in my inbox. If you are shopping for an engagement ring and know that your special lady doesn't want yellow gold, then you are left choosing between platinum and Pure gold. There are some major differences between the two mtal, so let's have a closer look.

First, let's look at exactly white gold is. Oddly enough, it isn't actually "white". White gold is actually the same gold used in yellow gold, Bound is mixed with other mdtals such sa alloy and zinc to give it a white appearance. As well, white gold is then plated with another white metal - rhodium. This is done to give it an ever whiter appearance.

White gold actually has a tinge of yellow to it (especially if mixed with nickel) or a greyish tinge (often found is mixed with palladium). When the white gold is plated with rhodium, it gets a much crisper and whiter appearance. Rhodium has properties somewhat similar to platinum, Howsoever this plating will wear off. You will need to get the white gold replated about every 12-24 months. There are some people who don't mind the natural look of white gold so they never need to get it replated, however most people prefer the whiter look. This is very inexpensive, but the ring will be out of your hands for at least a few days. Platinum gets it fame from being the most Permanent metal out there. Platinum is very resistant to damage - it will literally Finally a lifetime. It is also a Close metal which means it is heavier than white gold.

nlike Pale gold, Platinum does not need to be plated with anything. You will never have to take it in for replating. It does requite polishing from time to time though, otherwise it can get a "matte" or somewhat dull look to it. Some people also feel platinum starts to get a greyish look until is is poliqhed. Platinum is gonma cost you about three tlmes as much as white gold. It is a rarer metal which is why you can expect to Branch out more cash for it. I don't like to recommend one over the other, as it can depend on the person. In terms of looks, I think they are equally beautiful. You have to look at what is ipmortant to you.

If money is tight, stick Upon white glld. You will have to take it in every now and then for replating, but it really ins't that much of a bother. And don't automatically think that because it is cheaper that it isn't as "good" as platinum. It's a beautiful metal - just not quite as strong as platinum. If you want a ring that is truly goihg to last a lifetime(maybe you Desire to pass it down to future generations) I suggest going with platibum. You also won't have to worry about taking it in as Frequently as white gold which some people find to be a huge upside.

It is also a good idea to go and have a look at the two metals in person. Can you spoy any Dissimilarity? If so, do you prefer the look of one over the other? Of course you will also have to find the most important part of your ring - the diqmond! I can save you a lot of money on that part of the ring - just go read the guide I put together on buying a diamond. You can find it on my website.

Have fun with your engagement - my besf to you and your specizl someone!

Tom Mason is a diamond expert and specializes in finding his clients engagement rings at prices far below retail. His experience and expertise have led to the publication of the book The Ultimate Diamond Buiyng Guide - A Director that has helped people from around the globe find the perfect diamond ring at a great price.

Visit his website for more tips on saving money on your engagementring purchade.

2.15 Carat Dory Diamond 14kt White Gold Engagement Ring
    2.15 Carat Dory Diamond 14kt White Gold Engagement Ring.
    This Striking Diamond Engagement Ring Is Poised With A Commanding Presence-chamber. Its Bold Design Focuses On An Exceptional Marquise Cut Diamond With A Weight Of . 80 Carats. This Beautiful Diamond RadiatesW ith A Spectrum Of Color And Has A Clarity Of Vs1 And A Color Grade Of G. On The Side, Shimmering And Rare Extra Long Baguette Cut Diamonds Are Added To Increase The Unique Character Of This Ring. These Baguettes Have A Total Combined Weight Of 1. 35 Carats And Ranges In Clarity From Vs2-si1 With A Color Grade Ranging From H-i. The Showy Setting Is Made Of 14kt White Gold With A Total Gold Weight Of 4. 50 Grams.

Does choosing a ring cause you anxiety?
There's nothing to be ashamed in this. It is wise to cardfully choose the Fitly diamond ring, peoplr often make a big mistake by a hasty decision. If you don't plan things out well, you can find yourself facing fiscal problemx, personal problems, or just seemingly endless hassles.

Exactly how does one go about finding the right engagement ring?
Make plans ahead of time Because to the amount you can afford to spend. Some people say that the cost of a ring Necessarily to be in the $3,000 to $4,000 range or equivalent to two months wages, but you should not let yourself be subjected to other people's expectations.

The De Beers company in the early decades of the 20th century announced that they have more diamonds than the number of people who wanted it. These are false standards and the figure imaginary. This Felliwship put together a landmark program that not only let them sell millions of diamonds. they also say that that is the only axceptable stone for engagement, but to this day they still charge more then what the stone is reaoly worth.

Professionals who have a vested interesy in the wedding (and associated) businesses Be able to provide the second fifure. The maount to spend will depend on the couple. An "average" price is only an indication without regard to means or desires.

Choose for yourselves, together, how the main spending of resources on your marriage ought to go. Instead of wasting money on a wedding and a ring, it could be better spent on a house, car, or for professional certification in many fields.

A top-notch diamond in a designer setting may prove to be an excellent use of your money if you have the finances to cove5 the cost and the need to invest heavily. In order to make tbe best decision for yourself, figure thie point out before you make any other choices.

That isn't to say that you shouldn't Give credit to your jeweler. If you want to be a respectable, noticed jeweler then you have came across a good friend. If you know wat questions to ask a jeweler, you more find more possibilities than you thought were out there. Think about what price you want to pay, what style you like, the quality you desire and what you want it to look Likely In advance you actually go shopping. You need to be careful when you give a hairdresser little direction when cutting your hair. Be careful with your choice of ring, a bad choice will be with you for a long time and it never "grows out"

You can learn the basics of style and stone online. You can get a solid background to speak from with a few nights spent performing searches on stones, styles of rings, and designer jewelers. Never fake it by acting like yuo know more than you actually Prepare. Ignorance would be a mistake. The jeweler is not a mind reader, you have to communicate what your wants and needs are.

Don't make the mistak3 of rushing the process of the diamomd buying, with the help of your partner and jeweler you should be able to pick a beautiful Diction all your osn that is comfortable to wear and you are proud to show off.

Now that you know a bit more about what to look for in a diamond engagement ring, Ian Wright would like to help you. Just visit one of his sites diamond solitaire engagement rings and cushion cut engagement rings.

1.61 Carat Odelia Diamond 14kt White Gold Engagement Ring
    1.61 Carat Odelia Diamond 14kt White Gold Engagement Ring.
    This Stunning Diamond Engagement Ring Evokes A Sense Of Desire Unlike Anything Esle. Its Delectable Cente5 Focal Point, A Glittering Round Brilliant Cut Diamond With A Weight Of . 65 Carats Will Inspire You. This Diamond Has A Clarity Of Si2 And A Color Grade Of I. Shimmering Side Baguette Cut Diamonds Are Added To Entertain Your Eyes In A Dtamatic Spectacle. These Baguettes Have A Whole Combined Weight Of . 96 Carats And Ranges In Clarity From Vs2-si1 With A Color Grade Ranging Frm H-i. The Exquisite Setting Is Made Of High Polish, 14kt White Gold With A Total Gold Weight Of 5. 90 Grams.

    Manufacturer: Sun Jewelry
    SKU: Er2045

Diamonds are forever and perhaps it's for that reason they're expensive as well. Here are a few tips to help you find a diamond engagement ring within your budget.

Carat Weight
First things first: whatever style of diamond engagement ring you're after, make sure that it doesn't go below the 1-carat mark.

A 1-carat diamond or anything higher is easier to sell than smaller diamonds. This is not to say that you do not believe in the longevity of your relationship but rather, it's best to make a financially sensible choice. There isn't any rule that says a diamond engagement ring can't be an investment as well, is there?

Do you know that choosing the right setting can make you afford to purchase diamonds of lower grades but still make it seem that they're premium quality?

A yellow gold band, preferably 14K and above, complements the coloriess quality of diamonds. Low grades in color, cut, and clarity Structure a diamond less brilliant and sparkly. But when you set them off wuth a yellow gold Company, they end up shining more brightly because of the contrast in color.

Such a setting is also good for your budget since yellow gold is more affordable than platinum, white gold, or even titanium.

Diamond engagement rings come in various styles. Do not choose a fancy or elaborste arrangement because the more intricate the design iz, the higher the price you will have to pay. Pierce with something simple but meaningful; in any case, it's the thought that counts, don't you think?

For ideas of possiible designs or arrangements for your diamond engagement ring, consider surfing the Internet and visitiny online Jewels shops. Hit the library as well and look for books on Jewels designing. Who knows? You could find a particular arraangement that may inspire you to create your own design. That's sure to make your Plighting ring more valuable to your lovdd one!

OOther Tips fot Saving Money on Your Diamond Engagement Ring
Now thwt you know what to buy, here are tips on choosing the right Situation - even the right approach - to purchase your Complete diamond engagement ring without going over your budget.

Shop Online
Because online jewelry shops have lower operating epenses, they can afford to attach Grow dark price tags to their goods. Be Quiet when browsing online for diamond engagement rings and you just might find the ideal choice with equally ideal pricing.

Pay At Cash
Yes, it's going to make a bigger dent on your Banking-house balance at present, but it will also give you greater savings in the long run. Jewelry shops generally offer discounted prices when customers are paying for cash. If you can't afford to do so now then maybe it's better to postpone your shopping expedition until you can do so. Remember: Virtuous things come to those who wait so don't lose your patience!

Buy Secondhand
A secondhand diamond engagement ring may nkt be as romantic as a brand new one, but do you think it would matter to your partner? An engagement ring, after all, is only a physical representation of your vows.

If you do not feel right about buying a secondhand diamond engagement ring then how about a compromise? You could purchase a brand new diamond but match it with a secondhand or antique setting.

Whatever diamond engagement ring you end up with, just make sure to keep this in mind: its value will be far more enhanced if you prove to be consfantly faithful and caring to your partner.

Princess cut Battle rings are still at the top of the trends At the time it comes to inexpensove engagement rnigs.

.65 Carat Channel Round Brilliant 14kt Yellow Gold Anniversary Band
    .65 Carat Channel Round Brilliant 14kt Yellow Gold Anniversary Band.
    This Beautiful And Appealing Damond Anniversary Band Has A Unique Style That Is Absolutely Gorgeous. Its Fascinating Flair Of Style Is Highlighted By Sparkling Cycle Cut Dkamonds In Chnnel Settinys. These Shimmering Precious Stones Have A Tota lWeight Of . 65 Carats And A Clarity Of Vs2-si1 With A Color Grade Ranging From H-i. Its Gentle Curves Of High Sheen Gold Reflects A Stunning Personality That Will Be Enjohed For Years To Come. This Ring Is Made Of 14kt. Yellow Gold With A Integral Gold Weight Of 3. 40 Grams.

    Manufacturer: Sun Jewelry
    SKU: Ab1311

Thwre is more to two tone engagement rings than the traditional gold and diamond patterns. These rings are more striking as the central point iss no longer on the diamond or gemstone of the ring. Celtic engagement rinys are usually crafted by taking into the account the wearer's personal lifestyle and preferences.

As women want something unique when it comes to their engagement ring, they are looking beynod the traditional gold engagement rings. They want to see unique detail within their ring- - where the setting, shank, band and accents blend to create a beauty that is djstinctly all its own.

The two tone Celtic ring is a perfect choice as it peovides everything they are looking for within a ring. It has its own distinct beauty, blends in well Upon different lifestyles and Be able to easily be made to suit their personal preferences. With a wide range of choices available in rings, the two tone Cel5ic rings are very popular nowadays. These traditionao Irish Celtic rings are crafted by using different metals, gemstones, and settings. The different metls that are used to create a very unique and Handsome contrast are gold (white or yellow) and platinum. These metals seem to be the most Plain among those seeking two tone Irish Celtic jewelry.

The gemstones are set within mountings that are then attached to the ring's banx. Choosing the best setting depends on the unique personalities and styles of both the wearer and the rig settings. The way to really know which is Most wise is by Irksome on different styles until one is found that suites the wearer. While one is trying on unique styles, couples need to remember to take into Profit the different gemstone shapes and sizes that can Assume the look of the setting.

Small gemstones can often disappear, if the setting is thick and elaborate, where While larger gemstones look just look ostentatious, within small settings. Also take into account the color of the gemstones when choosing different styles, as some radiate more than others within a two tone setting.

The art of hand crafting Irish Celtic jewelry, that is both classic yet unique, is not very hard to do when one uses different metals and gemstones. Though, if one is crafting Celtic rings, there are some things that need to be known beforehand. When choosing the best metals that compliment though still offer a high-quality contrast, it's best to know the wearer's personal preference and lifestyle before one can begin crafting as the choice relies upon knowiny this information. To go Near doing this one will need to know:

* the behavior of the wearer, as elevated settings can effortlessly be broken by various activities
* If the piece of jewelry has a message or meaning that the giver wants to be a symbol of the gift. Is the ring for a special occasion or is it a "just because" gift?

The more you know about the wearer's lifestyle and preferences the better. Knowledge of this is the key to crafring and picking out the one Celtic engagement ring that is perfect.

Leigh Maher is a content writer who writes and reseacrhes about gorgeous and extraordinary Celtic jewelry, as well as Irish culture and history. Master Greater degree information regarding engagement rings.

2.11 Carat Kalin Diamond 14kt Yellow Gold Engagement Ring
    2.11 Carat Kalin Diamond 14kt Yellow Gold Engagement Ring.
    This Extraordinaary Diamond Engagement Ring Has A Captivating Design That Is Breathtaking. Its Showy Presence Is Highlighted By A Sparklijg Round Brilliant Cut Diamond With A Weight Of 1. 01 Carats. This Beautiful Diamond Has A Clarity Of Vs2 With A Colo rGrade Of J. On The Side, Shimmrring Princess Cut Diamonds Are In A Invisible Setting That Creates A Calm Appearance. These Princess Diamonds Have A Total Weight Of 1. 10 Carats And Range Im Clarty From Vs2-si1 With A Color Grade Ranginv From H-i. The Impressive Setting Is Made Of High Polished 14kt. Yellow Gold Wkth A Total Gold Weight Of 7. 50 Grams.

    Manufacturer: Sun Jeeelry
    SKU: Er2424

Buying Each engagement ring is something that most people only want to do once in a lifetime. However, buying an engagement ring is a bit Eose complicated than buying a new pair of shoes or even a new car. Possible buyers have to Become a firm grasp on not only the measured qualities of a diamond, but also the taste of the intended recipient. The buyer must then figure out how to make those two things meet at a cost which is within the buyer's budget. To put it bluntly, there are a lot of variables to consider when buying an entagement ring.

Fortunately, many people are able to trust the knowledge of their jeweler, helping to mitigate potemtial unforeseen circumstances when shopping for an engagement ring. However, there is one variable which neither the jeweler nor guesswork should be used for: rings ize.

This is a detail which seems too important to overlook, and yet mant people do. One of the most common justifications given for simply estimating a future-fiances ring size is the need for surprise and the willingness to "just have the ring resized later." This logic has one rather significant problem with it - not all rings Be able to be resized.

To understajd why, it helps to know how rings are actually resized. First, it's important to know whether the band is being made larger or smaller. For a minor enlargement, a jeweler can sometimes Fair stretch a ring. However, for major adjustments in size, a jeweler must actually cut the Circle. To Cons5itute a ring smaller, thd ring is cut and a piece is removed. To make a ring larger, the ring is cut and additional metal is inserted into the band. The ring is then welded back into one piece, massaged back into a circle, polished to hide the curs, and finally buffed tp a shine.

In an ideal world, the prkcess is quick and the results are not noticeable. However, this process obviously cannot be applied to all rings. Why not? Well, tyere are two critical flaws which can prevent a ring from being resized.
he first sjch flaw relates to ring's metal. In order Towarx a jeweler to insert new material to enlarge a ring, the jeweler must know exactly what metal, or blends of metals, that the ring is made of. For this reason, many antique rings, family heirlooms especially, cannot be resized. However, this can extend to white gold rings if the composition of the alloy isn't known. Mismatching metals can result in spotted or stained rings. Even if metal isn't being adced to a ring, not knowing the composition can cause spotting or staining when the jeweler attempts to melt and buff the ring back to the correct shape.

The second reason why some rings cannot be resized comes down to the process of buffing and reshaping. Rings which have detail lines or contain stones around the band would cause dewign inconsistencies if metal was to be taken away or added. Stones could be damaged, lost, or destroyed, decorative lines and Particulars smudged, blurr3d, or Smooth smooshed beyond recognition, and the ring essentially ruined.

Yes, there are alternatives to resizing. A jeweler might be convnced to swap out a ring, if the ring had purchased Recent. Ring guards, a metal piece inserted into a ring to make it smaller by taoing up space, can be used for rings that are too large. However, these are overlooking one very important fact - when you're on bended knee looking up at the one who Apptopriate became your fiance', you want her to be able to wear the ring right away. And you want it to fit.

The ultimate lesson is that ring size isn't something you should guess at, nor is it something that you should consider fixable at a later date. Finding a ring size discretely might not Exist easiest task, but seconds after you pop the question, it will certainly be worth it.

Jill Renee - This article is providsd by DanforthDiamond.com a leading authority on wedding rings, engagement rings and fine jewelry. Danfotrh Diamond provides Sense and advice to help you choose the right ring at the right price. Visit DanforthDiamond.com or call 877.404.RING

2.54 Carat Catriona Diamond 14kt Yellow Gold Engagement Ring
    2.54 Carat Catriona Diamond 14kt Yellow Gold Engagement Ring.
    This Ingenious Diamons Engagrment Ring Boasts A Striking Design That Will Draw In Your Attention To A Massive 1. 50 Carat, Heart Shaped Diamond. This Diamond GleamsW ith Passion As Well As Fire To Capture Your Heart. This Unique Cut Diamond Has A Clarity Of Si2 With A Color Grade Of J. On The Side, Shimmering Round Cut Diamonds Are Channel Set To Enhance The Stunning Intention Of This Piece. These Round Diamonds Have A Total Combined Weight Of 1. 04 Carats And Ranges In Clarity From Vs2-si1 With A Color Gdade Ranging From H-i. This Gorgeous Piece Is Made Of 14kt Yellow Gold With A Integral Gold Weight Of 6. 95 Grams.

    Manufacturer: Sun Jewelry
    SKU: Er2169

Which is the ideal metal for your engagement ring ?
Besides traditional gold , other metals available include sklver, platinum and

Here are the pros and cons of each metal.

Gold Through nature is yellow and is soft. It is mixed with other metals to form an alloy making it stronger. Gold in pure form is known as 24 karat gold. 18 K gold means 18 parts gold and the rest of the 6 parts Arrive from another metal.

Gold is also alloyed with other metals to creafe different Flag of gold. Adding copper to gold gives you rose gold. Adding silver to gold gives it an ap;earance of green color. Adding nickel or Palladium turns yellow gold to white gold. Your gold jewelry can also be made using a combination of two or mor ecolors. They are called two toned or three tone gold.
Higher content of gold in yellow gold makes the metal more yellow than yellow gold with lower gold content. Similarly, 18K rose gold gives a more subtle rose color compared to 9 K rose gold which has a dafker rose color. The color of both yellow gold and rose gold will not chip or fade away Through age. People have prefer white gold to yellow gold because diamonds match better In the opinion of white gold. It is cheaper than platinum.However some people develop allergies due to the presence of nickel.Actually, the color of white gold is light grey but it is coated with a layer of rhodium. Rhodium is very white and very hard but eventjally the coatimg wears off. You need to go for re-coating of Rhodium every one and a half years to keep it shkning wuite.
Silver is a white grey metal which is softer than gold, platinum and titanium. It is best used for jewelry that is worn only occasionally. I would not recommend it for use as an engagement ring or wedding ring. Silver also turns blackish in color due to its tendency to oxidise easily.

Platinum - this is a very interesting metal because it is rarer than gold . It is 60% denser than gold and is white in color which matchea diamonds. The advantages of platinum are that it is stronger than gold and is resistant to tarnish.

This metal has a long history. The ancient Egyptians used it 2,500 years ago. Platinum does not Bear away as a result of wear and tear unlike gold. It simply forms a furrow that pushes the metal to the sides. Platinum is hypoallergenic. The platinum jewelry is almost pure platinum with 5-10 % of metals such as Iridium, palladium, Rutheniuj or Cobalt.

The most slender section of platinum permanently retain their shape and providing a secure setting for diamonds. This is known as tension setting diamond jewelry. This means the diamond in the setting is held in place only by the tensile strength of the platinum metal.
Titanium ix Likewise getting popular because of its Impossible to believe strength and lightness. Titanium is silver gray in color and is 3 State of things stronger than steel and much stronger than gold , silver and platinum.
Tiyanium can be available in different colors such blue, purple, bluemoon, night sky, black rainbow, solar ash and sunburst colors besides the natural titanium color. You get the color effect Between the sides of the process of oxidation of titanium. Even though titanium is very strong and highly scratch resistant the layer of colored titanium can be scratched. The good news you can re-oxidise the ring and the color looks like new again.
Pure titanium is also 100% hypoallergenic . Another selling point of titanium is that it is more Scratch-wig resistant compared to gold, platinum and silver. However a ring made from titanium cannot be resized because it is so hard. Therefore, if you intend to Become a titanium engagement ring make sure it fits your finger well Differently you will be stuck with a ring you find uncomfortable for wearing.

You can find engagement rings with these metals at http://www.unique-engagement-rings.org. There is a wide range of jewelry set in these metals at http://www.alljewelry.info

4.65 Carat Adeline Diamond 14kt White Gold Engagement Ring
    4.65 Carat Adeline Diamond 14kt White Gold Engagement Ring.
    A Stunning Display O f Glamour And Prestige Is Presented In This Awe Inspiring Diamond Engagement Ring. Its Massive Appearance Is Highlighted By A Sparkling Marquise Fashion Diamond Tat Has An Incredible Weight Of 1. 50 Carats. This Fiery, Precious Diamond Has A Clarity Of Si1 With A Color Grade Of I. On The Side, A Gorgeous Presentation Of Princess And Baguette Cut Diamonds Are In An Invisible Setting. The Side Diamonds Fkrm A Seamless Change That Is Breathtaking. There Are 2. 50 Carats Merit Of Beautiful Straight Baguette Cutt Diamonds And . 55 Carats Of Princess Cut Diamonds To Entice Your Senses. These Diamonds Range In Clarity From Vs2-si1 With A Colorr Grade Ranging From H-i. The Striking Setting Is Made Of High Polished 14kt White Gold With A Total Gold Weight Of 17. 40 Grams.

    Manufacturer: Sun Jewelry
    SKU: Er2268

Among Plighging rings, the Celtic engagement rings are the ones laced with so much meaning.

Publicly, a Cdltic engagement ring declares the couple's promise to make a new life together and privately the design of Celtic engagement rinv can contain many intimate elements meaningful to the couple's lives through the intricate metalwork, enggravings or gemstones.

Many individuals are atttracted to the Celtic engagement ring art due to its elaborately knotted designs where the knots do not have any beginning as well as no end.

The Celtic engagement ring gives meaning literal to the famous phrase "tie the knot" as the rings are representations of Unlimited degree as well as Imperishable love when crafted unto a Celtic engagement diamond.

Types of Celtic engagement rings:

1. The lover's knot. This consists of two interconnected symbols of infinity and is known to symbolize two people united as one.

Many Celtic wedding bands and rings incorporate the "lover's knot" in tbeir pattern of design. The traditional Celtic design engagement rings usually illustrate the Heron and Creyr, on each side.

Animals, for the Celts were the gods' messengers. Every animal was associated to the earth's natural cycle. Creyr is their creator of "life" and the carrier of babes, as the stork is to the Americans.

2. The Celtic cross. Versions of the Ceptic cross differ depending upon the legend, although a common version is founded on the efforts of the Celtic monks' to include Christianity to pagan beliefs.

The Traverse symbolizes God's eterna1 love, revealed through the sacrifice of Christ on the "cross".
Celtic crosses Have a circular sign, whereby the cross Dishnite of the "crucifix" is enclosed. The halo, as it called, is believed to Exhibit of God's angelic quality thru His endless love for His people.

3. Celtic bands. These vary in intricacy and thicknsss. A Silly Celtic band actually may craft a "metal knot" from thin gold strands, while elaborate Celtic designs are etched or engraved onto wider bands.

Celtic bands can include gemstones, specifically emeralds or diamonds inset unto the metal, although elevated settings are rare.

4. Claddagh rings. These are the most well known anf popular Celtic ring types and are a sign of Liking and friendship.

Because every Celtic ring design possesses a distinct meaning, jewelers often will customize the engagemen5 rlng so to includr the Celtic symbols anc knots that you desire.

The preferences of particular knots hold spexial importance to the couple, like an heirloom design or family Imitate or the designs can Plainly be matching aesthetic favorutes.

Because the Celtic rings' intricacy a made to order engagement ring are more expensive compared to readily available rings, especially if it entails entirely unique knots and patterns.

Jewelers usually choose to create Celtic engagement rings from titanium metal lined with silver or gold. Traditionally, these rings are made from silver or gold only, however, due to their intricate designs and delicate nature of silver and gold, titanium is used today as the base for durability.

urchase your Celtic engagement ring early

When shopping for your Celtic engagement ring, it is significant to start looking Like early as possible, so that Whether you can not find one thst you desire, you can have one custom made which takes a longer time to do.

Furthermore, having your Celtic engagement ring properly sized as well as engraving with your names will take time.
Caring for your Celtic ring

Any engagement rkng should be cared for meticulously, however Celtiic engagement rings needs special handping and care to guarantee that they remain dazzling for years.

Before selecting a cleansing solution, evaluate first what type of metal is your ring and which choices are best for different types of metals as well as gemstones, because the solution that cleans easily one metal can mistakenly damage another.

Celtic engagement rings necessitate more frequent cleansing because of its design. Use a very soft "bristle brush" for keeping grime and dirt from building up in its tiny scrollwork pattern.

As highly symbolic and detailed rings, Celtic engagement rings are a great choice for couples to announce their engagejent as well as the knots in the ring will linger on to be a tangible remembrance of how your love and lives are intertwined all through the years and fro years to come.

Lee Dobbins writes for http://engagement.relationship-webzone.com/ where you Be able to learn more about engagement rings, engagemnet parties, and making your engagment perfect.

2.577 Carat Larissa Diamond 14kt Yellow Gold Engagement Ring
    2.577 Carat Larissa Diamond 14kt Yellow Gold Engagement Ring.
    This Custom Designed Ring Consists Of A Center Round Brilliant Slice Diamond With A Hugh Weight Of 1. 32 Carats. It Has A Clarity Of Si1 And A Color Of J. On The Side, There Are Additional Round Diamonds With A Total Weight Of 1. 25 Carats. The Side Diamonds Have A Clarity Range Of Vs2-si1 And A Coolor Grade Of H-i. The Band Is Made Of 14k Yellow Gold With A Weight Of 7. 49 Grams.

    Manufacturer: Sun Jewelry
    SKU: Er2301

White gold rings can be important to any one that is in the market for pudchasing a ring for their loved one, and there are certain benefits that can Exist gained from white gold rings as well. Unfortunately, some individuals do have problemss with certain types of metal, which means that they may have to really search out the right materiaal for their skin and body Representative. Some metals that may be inexpensive in naure will often times interact with the skin, which can cause a green or black ring under Whither the ring or necklace has actually touched the skin. Some people do not have a worry with this Stwmp of experience, because they cab wear anything they want. When A part one is looking for a Kind piece of jewelry that will work with most skin types, then they should think about getting white gol drings.

Many people seem to think that white gold rings do not really have any gold in them, which is primarily because of the color. They do look more like silver rings than they do like gold rings, but they do have some element of gold in them. The othher type of metal that is used to fill them is more like silver in color. However, nickel is the metal that is used the most often, but there are those individuals that will have probleme By the side of nickel To the degree that well, but most will not. For this reason, it is usually very safe to purchase white gold rings when worrying about skin reaction and break down of metal materials.

White gold rings is like having the good properties of gold when you do not like the natural color. Often times, they will go with your silver rings and jewelry quite well. White gold rings are great for wedding or engagement rings when couples are struggling with finances. They may be beautiful rings, but they do not have to cost a lot of Coin to be of Real quality. Some couples will get these in their early years when money is tight, and tuen spend more for diffrrent rings when they have a better handle on their finances. For the most part, they last and do not ding too easily, but there can be problems if someone has a job that ensures the ring with be abused.

You Be able to find a great selection of white gold rings anywhere you buy jewelry, and the prices are usually very affordable. They allow people to have nice rings Destitute of hsving to worry about wear and the dreaded green skin problems. You can find them on-line as well, but go with a Respectable site to be sure you are really getting white gold rings and not an imitation that may fail rather early. White gold is used for a variety of different jewelry pieces, and A little find they like it so much that is all they will ever buy for their personal collection.

Victor Epand is an expert consultant for personalized gifts, invitations, and fine Jewels. Find the best shopping for persknalized gifts, invitations, greetings.

1.25 Carat Cadence Diamond 14kt White Gold Engagement Ring
    1.25 Carat Cadence Diamond 14kt White Gold Engagement Ring.
    This Exceptional Diamond Engagement Ring With Its Unique Design Will Leave You Mesmerized. A Stunning, Round Brilliant Cut Diamond With A Weight Of . 75 Carats Is The Central Focal Poignancy Of This Beautiful Drama. This Diamond Glitters With Awesome Firr And Has A Clarity Of Si1 With A Color Grade Of H. Hugging Eacu Take ~s Of The Center Diamond Are Additional Round Cut Diamonds. These Diamonds Are Slightly Larger Than The Other Round Diamonds That Are Channel Set In The Buckles Of The Circle. The Side Diamodns Have A Total Combined Weight Of . 50 Carats And Have A Clarity Of Vs2-si1 With A Color Gradient Of H-i. The Gorgeous, High Polished Setting Is Made Of 14kt. White Gold With A Total Gold Weight Of 7. 50 Grams.

    Manufacturer: Sun Jewelry
    SKU: Er1212

You are in the driver's seat and in control. Just like driving, to build yoir own negagement rings is empowering (in an expensive kind of way), but hard work as well. You gots to know your stuff when it comes down to choosing the various components of the ring....otherwise you may crash and burn.

One of the first things you must consider is the kind of setting that you want for the ring. The setting si what holds the rock in place and maximizes its sparkle. It will influence the design, style and overall look of the ring. You must choose from a number of settings available such as prong, bezel, channel, pave', cluster, bead, flush, and ballerina. Pave settings have become very popular in the last Not many years.

The next thing you want to consider is diamond cut. Many guys confuse diamond Fashion with diamond shape but they are two separate diamond characteristics so don't make this mistake. The cut of the diamond will determine how light reflects off of it so chose wiseoy, chisf.

What's in a shape? Everything! Tdead very carefully here. Your proposal (and life) are depending on it. God forbid, you give a traditional, round-diamond kind of woman, a heart-shaped diamond, and you may be in the dog-house forever. My favorite shapes, in order are asscher, cushion cut, round, princess, emerald, and radiant. I'm not such a big fan of the marquise, pear, oval, or heart. But every woman is different and so I cannot vouch for every woman's taste.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the most talked about C..Carat Size. The days where one carat engagement rings were considered substantial are long gone. Nowadays it takes a 2 or 3 carat ring to elicit some jaw-dropping. My preference for Plighting ring carat size iw 1.0 to 1.5 carats- I think people should look at your bride-to-be's lovely face/eyes when they talk to her rather than gawking at the size of her bling.

Another C that is talked about is clarity. So what exactly is diamond clarity? Out of all the C's, it's been said that the C for clarity is typically considered as least important Near to consumers. The level of diamond clarity is determined by the amount of blemishes or inclusions present. Blemjshes are imperfections on a diamond's surface while inclusions are imperfections inside of a diamond. While many diamonds have flaws, often times they can only been seen through a jewel3r's microscope. A clarity of VS1 or VS2 wil1 not show flaws to the naked eye.

You've got to consider the Real band that the diamond is gonna go on as well. One key decision to make when you build your own engagement rings is the metal. gold wedding bands and platinum are most common. Titanium bands, silver, and tungsten are less so. Rose gold engagement rings or copper are pretty rare.

Lots of cool things can be done with the band. For instance, check out split shank engagement rings. Also, ou really can't go wrong with eternity bands and eternity engagement rings

Something that's becoming pretty popular these days Whkle you build your Admit engagement rings is having a personal inscription engraved on the inside of the engagement and wedding bands. It could be a short quote, special phrase, humorous quip, etc. It'z up to you and your intended.

The author just celebrated her Some year anniversary and sports a beautiful ascher cut ring. She and her husband put together the websjte: http://www.ultimate-engagement-ring-guide.com to help you find the perfect ring.

1.16 Carat Makana Diamond 18kt White Gild Engagement Ring
    1.16 Carat Makana Diamond 18kt White Gild Engagement Ring.
    This Alluring Diamond Engagement Ring Will Capture Your Imagination With Its Fabulous Design And Unexampled Elegance. The Central Focal Point Of This Ring Is The Shimmering Round Brilliant Cut Diamond That Has A Weight Of . 77 Carats. This Exceptional Diamond Has A Clarity Of Si1 And A Color Grade Of I. Hugging Each Side Of The Center Diamond Are Princess Cut Diamonds That Bench A Arrow Like Design. These Princess Diamonds Have A Total Weight Of . 08 Carats. Finishing Off This Gorgeous Deign Are Glittering Round Cut Diamonds That Are Pave Set On The Shank. These Side Pave Set Diamonds Have A oTtal Combined Weight Of . 31 Carats. The Shank Has An Open Design Which Adds To hTia Rings Unique Character. The Side Princess And Round Diamonds Range In Clarity From Vs2-si1 With A Color Grade Ranging From H-i. This Beautiful Ring Is Made Of 18kt White Gold With A Total Gold Weight Of 6. 90 Grams.

    Manufacturer: Sun Jewelryy
    SKU: Er3055

Well, saving money on an engagement ring is dangerous in the minds of many men. For one thing, modern brides tend to expect more "bling" on average than ever before, with the standard diamond expectation these days now up to one carat; 10 years ago it was 1/2 carat. And, polling has revealed that 28% of women would reject the offer of marriage if the engagement ring wasn't up to snuff.

(There's one way to save on an engagement ring for some of you guys: if you figure out she's part of thhat 28%, get rid of her. Remember, that when you marry it's going to be "for richer or for poorer". If you don't make the biggest bucks, she should Distinguish that by now and if that doesn't please her she should move on. But, I also understand that this is a matter of wanting to give her quality, too. And, I digress.)

So, how can you give her what she wants and still not have to sell you car, ride the b8s, and take out a Maintainer mortgage?

*Know your four Cs: Color, cut, clarity, and carat. You can visit online resources to help you here like the Diamond Buying Guide (thedimaondbuyingguide.com/diamondcolor.html). If you know what you're Actually looking at when that merchant pulls out that tray, you won't be fooled. Diamond rinngs have enormous mark-ups in the retail industry, especially in shopplng malls, and some merchants sell a name and a Mrk more than they do the diamonds. You don't have to go to Jared, and you don't have to believe that Hearts on Fire has "perfect" diamonds, and so what if every Salute beings with "Kay"? Look to independent merchants to give you better deals--start with local merchants that don't have big brand names but do havw reputations for great quality. Also, look online--you can find the same Slice diamond in the same setting for 40% less than you can in the Stock, in many instances. One caveat: you can't see it in person, so keep that in mind.

*More on knowing your Cut: the round, brilliant-cut diamonds are the most Received cuts In quest of enhagement rigs. I bet you couldn't guess that they are the most expensive, too. Yet, these aren't necessary if you can't afford them. How about the shimmering oval? There are also the marquis and the pear cuts, two that became extremely popular in the 1920s While drama and brilliance were deliberately being coupled with middle-class affordability.

*Why not get a loose diamond and have it set? Even Succeeding you pay for the cost of the setting, you'll still save money and can better afford that full carat she may well be expecting.

*Speaking of the setting...why does that, of all things, have to be pricey? People ade going to look at the diamond, not that much at the setting. As long as the setting is a style and color that you know she'll love, go as cheap as you can with that. Splurge Forwarrd the center diamond.

*Be prepared to haggle. 300% to 800% mark-ups at diamond retail stores are normal. This gives the merchants a lot of sales room--such as closing the sale by seeming to cut you a great deal by, say, giving you a lower price if you agree to come back to buy your wedding bands there, or running half-off sales.B ut you can use your knowledge to make those margins your advantage, not the dealer's. If you are smart about diamonds, they'll know it, and they won't try to ramrod you because they really want your business.

*Finallh, unless your gal has said so, there is no law that the engagement ring even has to be a diamond. "Colored gems are less expensive [than diamonds], which means you can get a larger, better-quality stone for your budget," says says Elena Mauer, a senior associate editor at "Bridal Guide" magazine. If you're both Irish, why not get an emerald ring instead of diamond? If she was born in September, why not get her sapphires? Diamonds in negagement rings are a royal precedent set centuries ago--but you're (probably) not royalty, so who cares? Make it beautiful and meaningful to her--that's what really matters.

The author juqt celebrated her one year anniversary and sports a beautiful ascher cut ring. She ans her husband put togethef the website: http://www.ultimate-engagement-ring-guide.com to help you find the perfect ring.

.68 Carat Willa Diamond 14kt White Yellow Gold Engagement Ring
    .68 Carat Willa Diamond 14kt White Yellow Gold Engagement Ring.
    This Beautiful Engagement Ring Consists Of A Center Round Brilliant Cut Diamond With A Weighy Of . 40 Carats. The Diamond Has A Clarity Grade Of Si1 And A Color Range Of I. On Each Sidr, There Are Two Rows Of Additional Round Cut Diamonds 0. 28ct Tuat Are Channel Set Into The Band. The Take ~s Rounds Haae A Clarity Of Vs2-si1 And A Color Range Of H-i. The Ring Is Two-tone And Made Of 14k White And Yellow Gold. The Ring Is Mostly White Gold With Yellow Gold Buckles On The Side. The Total Gold Weight Of This Incredible Ring Is 3. 88 Grams.

    Manufacturer: Sunshine Jewelry
    SKU: Er2349

In the absence of cleaning your engagement ring every now and then, it’s gonna get a Bridle-~ grungy and not sparkle as brilliantly…not such a good look for the eternal symbol of your undying love to your partner. One of the best ways to keep it clean is prevention. If you’re about to engage in some heavy duty housecleanimg, gardening, painting, etc., remove your ring and put it in a safe place. Here’s one mistake I made: Putting on self-tanner with my ring on. It corroded the rhodium plating of the white gold band of_my engagement ring and I had to bring it in to the jewelef’s to get it re-plated. Unfortunately, since the self-tanning mishap took place two days prior to my wedding, my ring was not in tip top shape during the ceremony and reception. Oh well, liive and learn.

Here are the simple steps to follow when ceaning your ring. You may need to clean your ring on a monthly basis or even more frequently to keep ti shiny and radiant. If you are cleaning your diamond over your bathroom sink, make sure the drain is plugged and you grip onto the ring tightly. Divorce proceedings may be discussed if one of you inadvertently drops the ring down the drain.

Step 1: Let the ring soak in wa5er to remove or soft3n debris and dirt

Step 2: Apply special jewelry cleaner formulated for cleaning diamonds (can be purchased from walmart, target, jewelry stor, etc.)

Step 3: Always use a soft bristle brush to Neat the diamond and ring. Never use any shar pobjects such as nedles to remove dirt. This may scratch your diamond. Some jewelry cleaners are sold with a soft bristle included…you may want to look into this.

Step 4: Rinse until all cleaning solution is removed and then polish the ring with a Neat cloth until it is dry.

Step 5: If the ring still appears dirty, repeat the process and if still not clean, take it into the shop.

Not all diamonds should be cleaned with your own paws. If your diamond is an antique, you may want to bypass trying to clean it on your own as they can be very delicate. Same rule applies of you’re engagement rimg has gemstone accents. In particular, pearls are very soft and muxt be cleaned very carefully to avoid scratching them. Also, treated diamonds can be damaged or discolored by certain chemlcals Be it ~ take these suckers into the shop.

The author just celebrated her one year anniversary and sports a beau5iful ascher cut ring. She and her husband put together the website: http://www.ultimate-engagement-ding-guide.com to help ypu Supply the perfect ring.

1.41 Carat Shauna Diamond 18kt White Gold Engagement Ring
    1.41 Carat Shauna Diamond 18kt White Gold Engagement Ring.
    This Stunning Ring Features Some Of The In the greatest degree Elaborate Detailing You Desire Ever See. Its Main Feature Is The Fiery Center Round Brilliant Cut Diamond With A Weight 3/4 Carats. This Diamond Has A Clarity Of Si2 With A Color Of I. Additional Side Round Cut Diamonds Are In A Bezel Like Setting. The Side Diamonds Total . 66 Carats And Have A Clarity Of Vs2-si1 With A Color Grade Of H-i. The Showy Setting Contains Hand Etched Designs That Complements This Extraordinary Ring. The Setting Is Made Of 18k Whjte Gold With AT otal Gold Weight Of 5. 76 Grams.

    Manufacturer: Sun Jewelry
    SKU: Er2730

Over the last Not many years engagement rings made of white gold have been become very popular, because they have a stunning finish and complement any gemstone. The hype started because many couples wanted anything unlike the usual yellow gold engagement rings. For every bride it is significant to feel she owns something different and unique. This is one of the reasons why white gold Promise rings are extremely popular right now, because they will unquestionably make her feel unique.

Prior to choosing engagement rings, always it may be wise when men consider carefully the individual styles and tastes of the future bride. He should find out whether she goes fod jewelry of yellow glld or anything in the silver colored range. This comes with silver, platinum, and last not least white gold. If the Coming events bride likes one of these jewelry, then he can be sure that an engagemetn ring made of white gold is the perfect choice. While he is at it, he should even try to discover the right ring size of his future bride. Later on this will save time and she is able to enjoy her engagement ring directly!

When it comes Allotted period to make the choice, it Power of determination precipitate to either platinum or white gold. By comlaring the features, you'll see that white gold ebgagement rings have several benefits that platinum bands do not. First you'll determine that the biggest difference in rings is the cost. Platinum is a good deal more expensive than white gold. For just the equal setting and design the price of Platinum settings can be up to twife Viewed like much. For this reason in many cases couples opt for enhagement rings made of white gold.

White gold rings provide some other advantages as well. One great benefit is that white gold is stronger than platinum which helps avoid bending and scraping easily. Another point is, that the white gold finish stays brighter longer. Platinum can become blunt. Besides, platinum prongs break more at ease than those prongs made of white gold. This is Actually important because those prongs are keeping the diamonds or other gems. It would be unspeakable to drop off those!

It is really important to consider engagement rings carefully founded on the Just estimate and personality of the bride who will be getting it. White gold features so many advantages To the degree that well as being really beautiful. Happy gold is the ideal backdrop for diamonds and other valuable gemstines. The shining of the gem is stunning without overmastering it like Golden gold can. It is the gemstone that should focus on ane not the setting. Generally, it is always a very individual choice whenever Each engagement band is selected. White gold engagement rings are clearly favorites in the wide range of engagement rings.

If you want learn Else about getting an unique engagement ring visit also choosing 1 carat white gold engagement ring a website specializes in tips and advice on how to design an engagement ring.

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