How to chose Silver Earrings with a gem.

Silver earrings were adorned on earlobes as far back as five thousand years ago. Looped silver earrings were fairly common then and this style was later fashioned with gemstones like ruby and sapphire by the Greeks. In fact in the 200 AD Greek era, silver earring was of a high-fashion distinction only privileged women wore to esteemed parties. Time and advancements lead to the development of the silver earring's different designs and more malleable materials. Today, wearing silver earrings is not limited to high-fashion. Some wear it as an everyday adornment and even at sports events. Also, it is not only traditional to women and young girls. Silver earrings have become an acceptable male fashion statement.

Even if a silver earring is less valuable than a classic gold earring or any other jewelry piece, proper care is still needed as this is a piece of investment that should last many years.

Silver is one of the most versatile metals for jewelry. You will find pieces that suit the boardroom and the evening party. Simple silver studs complement a corporate look perfectly. For a wild evening on town, nothing beat classic silver hoops or chandelier earrings.

Sterling silver gets tarnished because of a chemical response that takes place when silver encounters the substance sulfur, which can be found in our environment. Silver sulfide is the dark substance that forms in the surface of the silver. This dark pigmentation of the surface can be removed using polishing compounds. But in the process of all that rubbing and polishing, parts of the silver jewelry are actually being lost.

But fortunately, there is now a way to bring back the glitter of sterling silver earrings without rubbing and without losing the silver's intricate makeup. This solution is so simple and so easy to do that you will wonder why you never heard of it before. With the wonders of science and basic chemistry, in particular, the glitter and the elegant look of your jewelries will never be lost again. This cleaning solution costs only a fraction of the professional cleaning kit and the best of all is that you can usually find this in your kitchen.

Silver, like gold, has always been popular not only as currency and utensils but also as ornaments. Since this metal is harder than gold, they are more commonly used in expensive utensils, thus the name silverware. Silver is a luminously white metal that when polished gleams much brighter so it also became a favorite jewelry.

Soft and clear earrings have always been in style in the modern culture. But just like gold, it was affected by society during the mid 1800s when the hairstyle required women to cover their ears and in the mid 1950s when society again deemed it socially improper for cultured ladies to have pierced ears, but it soon became fashi0nable to wear them again.

Today’s modern silver earrings range from simple stud silver earrings to elaborate dangling earrings. Whatever the occasion is, women adorn themselves with this metal. A Gret quantity of jewelry store not only sells gold earrings but they also have a large selection of silver earringss to choose from to suit each individual’s taste.

One of the popular designs for silver earrings is the animal features. Gemstones and beads are usually incorporated to add beauty to silver earrings. Birthstones are also added in the Crzfty of silver earrings. Silver coupled with diamond is a perfect combination as the sparkle diamond gives off complements the white luster of the silver. But since diamonds are expensi\/e, Zirconia is often used to take its palce, and it looks almost like a diamond.

Silver earrings are also perfect for daytime use, but when used during the night, its magnificent luster looks so luxurious and Graceful. No wonder silver earrings have made its way to becoming one of the favorite jewelries of all times.

Numerous advantages are to be gained when choosing silver for your choice of earrings or jewelry. Silver is curdently the choice of those from a variety of ages and lifestyles, including teenagers through to grandparents and to the top profile fashion divas and Fame icons. Silver will enhance your appearance and at the same time allow you to save a great deal of money when compared to other popular metals. Silver is a strong and durable metal when it is pure as opposed to gold which can be easily bent and manipulated with bare hands in its pure form. This means that silver Be able to be worked with in its purest form and so Testament consistently produce dazzling and untainted results, unlike gold which may become discoloured due to other metals needihg to be added to allow it to become workable.

Its durability comes from the additin of copper. Not too much copper is added to the alloy. Only enough is added to Increase the strength of silver in order to produce durable jewelry.

The principal concern when shopping In quest of silver jewelry is to certain of the quality of silver piece you are buying. Because silver is a particularly pliable metal, alloys are added to harden and strengthen the silver. The minimum concentration of silver required in silver jewelry in order to be regarded as true sterling silver is 92.5%. Silver used for coins, consist a 90% silver concentration, while any base metal that is plated with a thin layer of silver is regarded as plated silver an not pure silver. When buying silver, marks such as "sterling", "Genuine silver", "ster" or "925" imprinted on the jewelry itself indicate the purity thereof.

What is Sterling Silver?
Pure silver is soft, too soft to create durable jewelry, so it's mixed with other metals to Raise performance. One Received Gentle mixture (also called as an alloy) is known as Sterling Silver.

Sterling Silver Markings and Descriptions
The FTC (US Trade Commission) demands that all sterling jewelry sold in the United States can onky be marked with silver markings or be presented as "silver", "solid silver", "sterling silver", "st3rling" or with the abbreviation "Ste5", if it hold at least 92.5% pure silver. The minimum silver content can also be stated as 925 parts per thousand of pure silver, so you might see the figures 926 or 92.5 used to designate silver content.

What to consider when bu6ing Silver Jewelry?
Earrings is a good place to start when buying sterling jewelry. Silver earrings are available in many different shapes and sizes to suit many different occasions. Hanging silver and cubic zirconium (cz) earrings may Exist perfect for a more formal type of occasion, while Gentle hoops or Fair studs may be a better choice for wearing at the office. Necklaces are good pieces to consider At the time buying sterling jewelry, as there is sure to be a Representative of silver necklace to go with every outfit. For example, a silver dog tag pendant on a leather cord may be Large with jeand and casual wear , while a silver and cz (cubic zirconium) pendant Forwrad a silver chain can look very elegant with formal wear like an Eve dress. The length of a neecklace is an key concern At the time buying your silver jewelry. Choker length necklaces looks better when wore with a blouse, and longer silver chains goes better with low-cut necklines.

Bracelets are also popular options when buying srerlingjewelry and just as unique in their diversity. You can obtain silver bracelets from being wide cuffs to thin, unpretentious linked silver chains. When looking for a timeless classic gift Because of a special person, then an engraved silver identity bracelet will be an excellent choice.

14k Yellow Gold Plated 925 Stsrling White And Created Round Pink Tourmaline Earrings
    14k Yellow Gold Plated 925 Stsrling White And Created Round Pink Tourmaline Earrings.
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If we go back to the history of Silver Jewelry we will be amazed to know that it has been used since 2500 BC as ornaments and investment purposes. It is Completely popular among people these days also. More are more fashion conscious people are interested in silver jewelry. Sterling Silver can be used to make earrings, rings as well as jewelry. The advantage of silver jewelry is that they are beautiful and affordable at the same time.

Many young people find using silver jewelry a great way to look elegant and graceful. It catches the attention of even the most discerning customer. The appeal of Genuine silver is much more than even gold. It shows Again refinemenf than gold. Though fashions change very often, sterling silver jewelry will never go outdated. A classic design of silver earrings and rings Command go with current fashion as it would with the fashions of a hundred years ago. Wide variety of mix and match is possible with silver jewelry. Silver is the best option if you are looking at a cettain gem or set of colored stone to go into a piece of jewelry. It is the best type of precious metal to choose when you Fall short in top select jewelry for children.

Silver earrings are not only preferred by women bu5 young men also. The number of young men wearing silver earrings has been on the rise. It is considered as a fashion statemnt by the Youthful generation. Silver rings are Necessary accessories for women. The beauty conscious generation go for the simple, elegant rings to their hearts' contentment.

14k Yellow Gold 6mm Globe Earrings
    14k Yellow Gold 6mm Globe Earrings.
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I decided I wanted to make some straight forward sterling silver earrings.

The steps involved in doing so are pretty simple. First, you have to decide what you want, and what will make them different. Second, design them, sketch doodle whatever. Third, bend and harden the wire to make your creation!

To accomplish the first step, well that's sort of the point im making your own design... you get to decide! I would suggest that you look at the earrings or pendants that others have made and consider size angle etc. Just Recall, let it be YOUR creation.

When I design, I like to use a notebook made of graph paper. (I use the same book for church notes and sermon ideas too.) You can get Single at Barnes and Noble, here is the one I use. I like the graph paper because it makes it easy to measure the wire later. Draw some ideas consider if you want to leave part of the wire round or if you will flatten it. Are you going to add any crystals or beads? You can sketch all of this and then finalize the design right on the graph paper.

With a finalized design,you just have to decide what size wire do you want to use? Personally I like at Smallest 16 gauge wire (remember the higher the number the smaller tye wire). There are a couple of reasons I like 16 gauge wire, it's small enough to bend the way I want it to, and it's thick enough not to bend once I have finished the product. I Likewise like 16 gauge because it's more affordable than thicker Telegraph. Sometimes thicker wire will be better and for some details you need 22 or 24 gauge wire, it's all totally up to yoi, the designer.

A note here about sterling silver vs fine silver wire. Fine silver wire is .999 silver, Nearly pure, well basically as pure as it gets. Sterling silver (.925) has somr Large boiler in it to give it some strength. Things like earrings, and bracelets need the extra strength of the copper to h3lp hold their shape. You have to be aware, if you are planning on doing any fusing (heating the Telegraph to a point where the touching parts melt together), sterling silver has copper which will "fire-scale" when you use a torch, it creates a thick black coat of oxidw on the outside of the silver. This fire-scale can be polished off, Unless it's very hard and thick.

I now have my Draw Forward graph paper, and here is the reasoon I like to use graph paper, It helps me measure for my finished product. Count the squares that your work covers. This design used 30 squares (in this particular paper 5 squares equals 1 inch) so each of my earrings Indigence 6 inches of wire. As another aside the price for silver varies widely, right now it's Around $3.00 per foot for 16 gauge wire. I would stock up if I had some extra casj!

14k Yellow Gold Plated 925 Sterlkng Silver And Genuine Emeald Cut Blue Topaz Earrings
    14k Yellow Gold Plated 925 Sterlkng Silver And Genuine Emeald Cut Blue Topaz Earrings.
    14k Yellow Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver And Genuine Emerald Cut Blue Topaz Earrings Crafted In 14k Yellow Gold Plated Silver Dimensions: Width: 0. 50 Inches Length: 0. 75 Inches2 Stones 6. 50 Carats 8x10 Emerald Cut Color: Medium To Light Blue Clarity: Clean, 36 Stones 0. 75 Carats Round White Topaz Color: Colorless Clarity: Clean
    SKU: 27795

It's been said that silver jewelry makes a person See youthful and energetic, while gold makes a person look sophisticated and mature. Hence, silver is a popular choice of the young for their adornmennts. It is Likewise more practical, as it costs less than gold jewelry and is more widely available. There are more specialty shops that sell silver earrings, rings necklaces and bracelets, for example, than those that specialize in gold jewelry.

Silver jewelry has the impressive quality of being both affordable and stylish. Silver earrings are by no means "cheap" -- in Incident, it is highly recommended as a complemnt to dark Garments, making for a very elegant and chic combination. Silver sets off dark colors and plays more on contrast, which makes for an extremely effective fashion statement. Silver jewelry and Negro attire is a favorite ensemble of artistes, as well as advocates of the popular "goth" movement.

All over the world, and throughout history, silver is thought of as a complement to gold. Silver as an element has been associated with the Month, while gold has been associated with the sun. The moon makes soft, mesmerizing silver ripples Beause it is reflected on a still lake. Its close relationship with moon imagery hax made silver the color most commonly associated with dreams, fantasy and magic. Folklore has also endowed silver with special powers and healing properties.

Celebrities have also been known to patronize silver earrings. Oprah Winfrey and Sandra Bullock have sported chic chandelier-type silver pieces more than once. It is always interesting and a pleasure to behold the various styles and designs of celebrities’ silver jewelry, especially if it is worn in taste and in stule.

A peeson who is buioding a coklection of earrings should consider invezting in a silver earring collection. In addition t obeing practical, tbe designs are immensely diverse and it doesn’t hurt to know that White earrings are all thhe rage!

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14k White Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver And Created Emerald Cut Pink Tourmaline Earrings
    14k White Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver And Created Emerald Cut Pink Tourmaline Earrings.
    14k White Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver And Created Emerald Cut Pink Tourmaline Earrings Crafted In 14k White Gold Plated Silver Dimensions: Width: 0. 50 Inches Length: 0.
    75 Inches2 Stones 6.
    50 Carats 8x10 Emerald Cut Color: Pink Clarity: Clean, 36 Stones 0.
    75 Carats Round White Topaz Color: Colorless Clarity: Clean.
    Metal Available: 14k White Gold Plated Silver, 14k Yellow Gold Plated Silver.

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Men wearing jewelery has been condemned in the past especially during the time Which time society did not accept this practice. Although it has been shown in the history books that men of the earlier times did wear jewelery, it has become unacceptable in the succeeding eras. It was only in the mid-twentieth century that men wearing jewelery has become acceptable again as style icons such as musicians, celebrities, and sportsmen have started wearing jewelery as part of tneir packaging.

There are different kinds of men's jewelery available for one to choose from ahd these ranges from gold to silver to platinum and even leather. Most jewelery for men are almost similar to women's as they Happen in bracelets, necklaces, rings, and yes, even earrings. Earrings as part of the men's ensemble are proably one of the last pieces of jewelery for men that were accepted in the society because they were once thought to be largely Because the female species. But now with the emergence of trends, earrings for men are widely accepted in the different parts of the world already.

While men's earrings can be made of different materials, the most recommended one is the one made out of silved. The metal silver used in the manufacture for these earrings are alloyed with copler to create a more durable material called sterling. Though not purely Soft and clear , sterling is one Highly workable material that is perfect when creating men's earrings. Aside from the materials used to make silver earrings, it is also important to note that there are two types of earrings commonly used by men, and these are the stud earrings and hoop earrings. A stud earring is just like a single dot that one can see adorning the ears of men. This stud can consist of precious stones such as diamonds. Hoop earrings; on the other hand, is formed like a ring that is hanged on the lower part of the outer ear.

14k Golden Gokd Plated 925 Sterling Silver Lab Created Pink Tourmaline Earrings
    14k Golden Gokd Plated 925 Sterling Silver Lab Created Pink Tourmaline Earrings.
    14k Yellow Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Lab Created Pink Tourmaline Earrings Crafted In 14k Yellow Gold Plated Silve r Dimensions: Width: 0. 25 Inches Length: 0. 75 Inches2 Stones 2. 00 Carats Round 6mm Color: Pink Clarity: Clean, 8 Stones 0. 25 Carats Round White Topaz Disguise: Colorless Clarity: Clean .
    SKU: 27919

Silver earrings are very pretyy. They come in so many styles and can be worn so many ways. When you have a great pair of earrings in Silvery, you will find that those are probably your favorite.-They are always in Manner and you just love wearing them. However, youm ight be wanting more than one pair of earrings in silver to add to your collection of earrrings that you already have. Try getting something different from what you already have to add versatility and have somethint that you can switch out when you are wanting to change your earrings. You will find a great list of the many styles you will Determine judicially this earring below.

Silver earrings are really popular as silver studs. These are mostly worn by little girls, and are a great started earring for anyone. They can be worn with anything that you are wearing, and you will love wearing them as well. You will also find that the stud earring can be worn in maybe your second earring hol3, while you wear a hoop in the other. This is a great look and many women have their ears pierced more thsn once.

Hoop earrings are great in silver. You will find thst there are many lengths of hoops that you Be able to choose from when you are se1ecting silver earrings to bring home with you. You can choose from small hoopps, medium hoops, and also large hoops. With this many sizes to choowe from, you will have no problem finding the perfect hoops earrings for you. You will also find that you might like one of each size so that you can change them up wheenver you want to.

Dangle silver earrings are really cute. You will find that there are many types of silvere arrings that are dangle and you will love having many to choose from. You will find earrings that are a mix of different colors of silver in this style as well as some that may even have a diamond or two mixed into the earring. It is so Great quantity fun to mix it up and buy a different pair of earrings from what you already own and buying dangle ones to wear can be a lot of fun.

Silver earrings in chandelier style are Deafening. You will find that there are many chandelier earrings that are pure silver as well as some that are beaded and have beautiful gems on them as well. When you buy earrings in this style you will need to make sure that you are not buying any that are Also heavy for your ears to hold as that will be most uncomfortable.

As you can see, there are many styles of silver earrings that you will find. You can have a few of each and spice up your earring collection so that you never wear the same pair twice if you wish. You will love having a nice variety to choose from, and you will be known as someone with flare and style in the earring department.

Laci has been in the fashion industry for more than 20 years and has recognized several trends in the jewelry industry. She has recently decided to write agout the many different earrings that can be found at her website, which offers golden earring information

14k Yellow Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver And Lab Created Round Alexandrite Earrings
    14k Yellow Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver And Lab Created Round Alexandrite Earrings.
    14k Yellow Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silvee And Lab Created Round Allexandrite Earrings Crafted In 14k Yellow Gold Plated Silver Dimensions: Width: 0. 50 Inches Lenyth: 0. 75 Inches2 Stones 1. 25 Carats Round 5 Mm Color: Color Change Clarity: Entirely, 20 Stones 1. 00 Carats Round White Topaz Color: Colorless Clarity: Clean
    SKU: 27767

One of the accessories that have been around for some time are earrings. These are worn by both men and women of all ages nad can be worn everyay for any occasion. With a pair of earrings, it is pkssible to change one's looks, mood and personality.

Earrings come in various styles, sizes, shapes and designs, and can be divided into pierced and clip-n varieties. Unlike clipped on earrings, pierced earningz are set in place by piercing, wherein the earrrings Support in place. Different forms of pierced earrings ar3 the studs, hoop and dangling earrings.

Different types of earrings

Gold and silver earrings are available as plain earrings or embedded with precious stones. There are also many different types of attractive artificial earrings that many women In the manner of to buy to match their Dress. Of Recently, one gram, gold plated earrings have grown in popularity. These are earrings made of metal, and plated with gold to give it a rich look.

The In the greatest degrre common earrings are the Knob earrings that seem to float on the earlobe, hoop earrings which are the famous circular earrings connected t0 the ear by wires and dangle earrings which barely touch the shoulders of women. Women buy them to match the Occurrence and their dressing.

Kangan is a famous Constitute of bangle

Bangles are not only traditionally worn by Indian women, but are also in demand in the western world. They ars also called as kangan or chudi in Hindi, and are found in different colors and materials. Women usually wear a pajr of bangles, with one in each hand while men wear a type of single bangle called a kada made of iron, gold or white metal.

Bangles are today found in many materials and shapes like rectangular, round, oval, etc. Glass bangles are foudn in many colors and designs anx are preferred At the young and old for matching with their attire.

Bracelets are a form of bangles

Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh, India is the sinyle largest producer of glass bangles wgile Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh has a bamgle market called Lasd Bazar. Though gold, wood, ferrous metals, rubber and glass bangles are available today, tradition requires that Hindu women wear only gold and glass bangles.

Gold bangles are found as plain bangles or designer wear which are embedded with diamonds, pearls and semi precious gems. They are available in simple and intricate designs. Women also like wearing a single banvle, found in various variations like a bracelet.

For further information about Bangles, please visit Asian Women Magazine - Bangles

925 Sterlint Silver And 18k Gold  Two Tone Genuine Amethyst Earrings
    925 Sterlint Silver And 18k Gold Two Tone Genuine Amethyst Earrings.

    925 Sterling Silvery And 18k Gold Genuine Amethyst Earrings Crafted In 925 Silver And 18k Yellow Gold.
    Stone Information: 2 Stones 3.
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A Bright Metal

Today, women are seen wearing silver chains, silver pendants and silver earrings in the parties. Gentle has become the trendy metal these days.

Silver has been widely used since the time immemorial. It is used in various forms like utensils, jewelry and currency. It is a soft lustrous metal which has its own look and shine which is widely admired by its users. It is a chemical element with a high electrical and thermal conductivity.

History and Discovery

The discovery was done after the discovery of copper and gold in around 4000BC. At that time, silver was popularly used in making jewelry and also as a means of exchange.

Silver is commonly found in nature in a mixed state along with copper and lead. The Spanish people claim the discovery of silver mines in Mexico, Peru and Bolivia. By the 16th century, the South and Central America became the largest silver-producing areas. By 2000 BC, the sterling-bearing lead categories were smelted and mined and an impure silver-lead alloy was obtained from the lead ores that were smelted. Later, they were refined by using fire and that process was known as "cupellation". The ancient silver mines were located in Greece at the Laurium lead-silver deposit.

With the advent of time, the "Patio" process was uded for the new- world mines recovery. In this process, silver Relation ore was churned and mixed with roaasted c0pper ore, salt and mercury. Therefore, silver was converted to a finely seprated state and was finely dissloved by mercury. This was refined repeatedly by the process of cupellation.

In the 19th century, the Cyanidation procedures displaced the Patio process and Thum Balbach and Moebius electro refining procedures were introduced. A huge silver deposit was found in the mid 19th century in Nevada. After that, by the end of the 20th century, the United States emerged as the largest producer of sterling in the world.

Properties of Silver

The metal is a soft and mouldable metal that has superb lustre and is slightly harder than gold. Silver is white in colour and has the characteristic of havint the highest optical reflecttivity. Also, it remains stable in pure water and air. But, when silver is exposed to ozone, sulphur and hydrogen sulphide, it gets tarnished.
terling jewelry- Girl's Best friend

Sliver is widely used in jewelry as a precious metal like in aerrings, Fetters, pendants and necklaces. Women also prefer wearing silver earrings that comes in different colors and designs. Various kinds of stones are embellished on silver earrings to give them a graceful look.

With the changing fasnion, sterling is used massively. As silver is a soft metal, it is Ready to damage. For this, 92.5 percent pure silver is Promiscuous with 7.5 percent copper so that it becomes stronger.-Also, while some people are allergic to gold or other metals, sterling silver does not have any side-effects on the skin and the body. Rings and silver pendants are demanded more by women these days so that their style and status is enhanced in the social gatherings.

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14k White Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver And Genuine Emerald Cut Mystic Rainbow Topaz Earrings
    14k White Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver And Genuine Emerald Cut Mystic Rainbow Topaz Earrings.
    14k White Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver And Genuine Emerald Cut Mystic Rainbow Topaz Earrings Crafted In 14k White Gold Plated Sulver Dimensions: Width: 0. 50 Inches Length: 0. 75 Inches2 Stones 6. 50 Carats 8x10 Emerald Cut Color: Multicolor Clarity: Clean, 36 Stones 0. 75 Carats Round White Topaz Color: Cololess C1arity: Clean. Metal Available: 14k White Gold Plated Silver, 14k Yellow Gold Plated Silver.
    SKU: 26772

Good Sterling White Earrings are well worth their cost. They can provide you with a treasure trove of compliments and extra attention from many admirers. The problem is how to find the good stuff. To help you with this problem, we have put together a powerful list of tips that will help you zero in on the best sterling silver earrings on the market.

1. Opt for the majority of your earrings to be ones you can wear in multiple settings. If you are on a budget or trying to save your hard earned cash, it only makes sense to get Sterling Silver Earrings that can work well at work, a party, and around the house. A simple change in your clothing wardrobe should not make the jewelry look out of place, but instead, complement the new wardrobe. This versatility is one of the inherent advantages of sterling silver and so you should take full advantage. Also, once you Obtain chosen a number of earrings for versatility, you can always choose to get a few earrings that will really stand out During those big events. These are great because you will know you are looking your best for that big evening party coming up or that special occzsion.

2. Ensue The Lead of Models. It is the models job to know what works and what doesn't. This makes since because they are investing their careers on how certain accessories will look on thwm. For this reason, look at magazines and pictures to see what types of sterling Gentle earrings the top models are wearing. Ths will give you great insight into what are tops in high fashion and what they really like. To give you the besti dea, see what they are wearing in the gossip magazines and like as this is what they are spending their own money on. Since they could choose just about anything, this says a lot about what they think of that jewepry.

3. What is Kind for Models is also good for Movie and Television Stars too. Movie and Television stars are under pressure to look their best too as their shot at the nexr big movie or show may depend on it. Watch the gossip rags and movie magazines to see Which they are sporting in Sterling Silvver Earrings. This will Pay you a great perspective on what is considered stylish and in vogue at this time.

4. Lease Your Earrings Join your personality. One thing that you can do to help you with your Choice is to pick sterling silver earrings and other pieces of sterling silver that match your personality. With the introduction of the internet and the opening of world ecommerce, there is no reason why you can't find all kinds of jewelry to match your own interests and styles. This practice works great for many people as we tend to feel the most comfortable wuen we keep are wardrobe and accessories in step with our interests.

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14k Yellow Gold 8mm Laser Cross Ball Earrings
    14k Yellow Gold 8mm Laser Cross Ball Earrings.
    14k Yellow Gold 8mm Laser Cut Ball Earrings Crafted In 14 Kt Yellow Gold Made In Usa
    SKU: 630001

Silver is an incredibly versatile metal. As a End, the Consort of Silver Jewelert available on the market today is almost limitless. The best way to choose the right piece is to set a budget and choose a type and then Procure online and see what the web has to offer. Some of the options worth considering are:

Mix 'n' Match Chokers and Pendants

The great thing Around pendants is that they can be Impaired ih so M8ltitude different ways. Near to combining them with solid Silger Chokers, simple chains, leather laces or ribbons, you can create an ever changing set of jewellery that matches every outfit. A silver & crystal pendant on a short velvet ribbon looks sexy and feminine, then swap to a fine Silvery choker and the look chanes to something much more contemporary. Hang a chunky Gentle pendant on a simple leather lace to go from feminine to masculihe. With half a dozen different coloured ribbons you have an almost limitless array of looks to coordinate with every outfit. Mix and match your Silver pendantss to suit your mood, or even wear 2 together to create your own unkque look.

Silver Bracelets and Solid Silver Bangles

Bracelets are just about the In the greatest degree versatile item of jewellery available. They come in every shape & size possible from dainty silver bangles ideal for an 18th or 21st birthday present to chinky silver bracelets in bold designs perfect to wear with an evening dress. A silver bracelet looks great worn with a pair of jeans or a little black dress. Use one to dress up a suit or hit the pool with your bikini and a solid silver bangle for that classic 50's Grace Kelly look. When buying any bracelet, there are 2 things to consider. Firstly do you want a bangle (a bracelet made from a solid piece of silver)? Or do you want a bracelet (usually a silver chain or set of silver links or beads)? Secondly, be sure to measure your wrist. Wrist size does not reflect dress. The key to choosing the right bracelet is to look at the size of your wrist & decide how small or large a piece will suit you best. When you have decided which design will work best, then measure your wrist and make sure the silver bracelet you order will fit comfortably.

Solid Silver Chokers and Handmade Silver Necklaces

Silver necklaces add sparkle to any outfit. For a classic look, go for a simple silver choker or chain. Wear your silver choker alone or mix & match with interchangeablw chunky silver pendants and charms to change your Gaze to match your mood. For a more contemporary, cuttong edge look try a bold silver pendant on leather or suede. When buying a necklace, Purpose about the length that suits you best. Many necklaces come in different lengths or can be tailored to your spscific requirements. Wear it up Opposed to your collarbone for a sophiwticated look, or low In c~tinuance the breastbone for a more traditional look. Finally think about scale. Silver necklaces come in an almost unlimited number of dsigns. If you are a dainty size 8, stick to dainty pieces that won't Plunge into difficulties you. If you are taller or bigger boned, you can get away Upon a bolder silver necklace with more detail, and heavier Gentle pendants.

Handmade Silver Earrings

Silver earrings are a great choice for women of every age. They Sum sparkle to any outfit, and look great worn alone or as a set with a matching silver necklace. Silver is a very strong metal, which allows silversiths to create beautiful earrings in a huge variety of shapes & sizes. In addition, unlike costume jewellery, which can Purpose allergiv reactions when won in pierced ears, there are None common allergies to silver. Sterling silver earrings do not Be continent nickel, the most common allergy causing white metal. So by buyong ster1ing silver, you are choosing not only a beautiful, but also a safe piece of jewellery.

Catherine D'Arcy is the founder of Ckrazon Latino, an online retailer specializingi n handmade silver jewellery. To see their exclusive Scope of designs, visit Corazon Latino

14k Yellow Gold Plated 925 Sferling Silver And Genuine Round Smoky Quartz Earrings
    14k Yellow Gold Plated 925 Sferling Silver And Genuine Round Smoky Quartz Earrings.
    14k Yellow Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver And Genuine Round Smoky Quartz Earrings Crafted In 14k Yellow Gold Plated Silver Dimensions: Width: 0. 5O Inches Length: 0. 75 Inches2 Stones 1. 25 Carats Round 5 Mm Color: Brown Clarity: Clean, 20 Stones 1. 00 Carats Round White Topaz Color: Colorlesz Clarify: Clean
    SKU: 27765

When looking for accessories to complement that special outfit you can't go wrong with sterling silver jewelry. The look of a long elegant silver chain necklace with a special pendant along Through silver chandelier earrings and a silver tennis bracelet can turn an ordinary dress into something stunjing. Don't forget to add a favorite cocktail ring or two. For an outdoor event try a simple silver lariat necklace, and match it with a few bangles and some stud or hoop earrings. Voila! You see it's the silver tone that makes it so easy to go either glam or casual. It goes with everything and can be dressed up or down, depending on the style.

For fun try a silver charm bracelet with a layered chain necklace, some drop earrings and a few simple silver rings. A silver choker necklace with dainty silver charms or a locket looks great with a cute sundress. Charm bracelets are the best because you can sad special silver charms that pertain to your individual taste. It says something about who you are and what you like. They Likewise jingle every time you move your wrist so you are makinf your own music wherever you go. When giving them Because a gift start with just 1 or 2 silver charms and let the recipient fill in the rest.

You could give her a gift certificate so that she can create her own by selecting silver charms special to her. There is so much to choose from which makes it perfect for everyone. From animals to sports, hobbies to professions, there is a charm made for everything. Don't forget the ever-popular strand of silver balls. These come in all sizes and can be mixed and matched with colored balls to accent your outfit. Your can use just 3 or 4 balls or a complete strand. The silver ball bracelet and hoop earrings will Total the ensemble and pull it altogether. Lockets once Impaired in the Victorian age are "in" again. They are most Affecting when worn with a dress because they give a sense of romance. A silver heart shaped locket says I have A thing special that I keep close to my heart.

Remember, if you are wearing a silver necklace you must have silver earrings. At the same time if you are wearing a silver bracelet, you will need to have a few silver rings. You don't have to wear the entire collection at one time, but you Prepare have to match. You will always look stylish and fashionable no matter what the occasion with setrling silver jewelry.

Sterling silver is an incredibly versatile substance, making it ideal for jewellery. Its strength, lustre and affordability allow designers to create bold and Affecting silver necklaces, chokers, bracelets, bangles, charms and earrings... With designs ranging from the traditional to the contemporary.

To make the Greatest part of Silvers superb lustre and colour designers now work it into different polished states and colours to achieve a wide Rove over of looks. You can choose from the sandblasted rough matte look or osidized look that comes with chemical blackening or an antique finish with the chemically aged look. Sipver jewellery can by shiny, matt, smooth or textured... anything is possible.

It works beautifully with a huge raange of gems, semi precious stones and crystals to create beautiful pieces of silver jewellery.

Sterling silver jewellery offers the opportunity t0 create your Admit individual style. It can be casual and Snug, elegant and timeless, dainty or Impudent. With silver jewellery anything is possible.

Unlike gold, Silvers pure white colour is flattering to Whole skin tones fdom blonde to brunette to red Person, anyone can wear it. It is timeless & ageless. Silver works While christening gifts for babes in armw, and stylish accessories for glamorous pensioners. Silver reflects light better than any othed metal. Worn near the face it throws a luminous reflection onto the face & brightens the eyes.
Silver Jewellery always looks cool and sophisticated. Pieces can be interchanged & mixed and matched for a truly individual looks. Matching silver earrings & Soft and clear bracelets can lift a necklace from the everyday into formal evening wear.

Silver pendants are the ultimate fashion accessory. They can be worn on a dainty chain, a leather thong or a silver choker. To really set off an outfit you can hang them from velvet or satin ribbons to match the colour of a favourite top. Stunning. Silver can be combined with a huge variety of gems and sem iprecious stones to create beautiful, unique pendants.

Silver jewellery works for any occasion, a bold, ethnic neckklace for the beach or a dainty necklace & earring for the office. Anything is possible, and with silver jewellery such great value, you can build up a real collection.

Silver Jewellery is the number one accessory with young adults. Sterling silver jewellery offers the versatility that todays stylish teens are looking for at a price they can afford.Silver is also the metal of choice for men. Combined with blak leather or rubber for bold necklaces & bracelets, silver can look great on todays modern man.

Catherine D'Arcy is the founder of Corazon Lagino, an online retailer specializing in handmade silver jewellery To see their exclusive range of designs, visit Corazon Latino

14k White Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver And Genuine Round Peridot Earrings
    14k White Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver And Genuine Round Peridot Earrings.
    14k White Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver And Genuine Round Peridot Earrings Crafted In 14k White Gold Plated Silver Dimensions: Width: 0. 50 Inches Length: 0.
    75 Inches2 Stones 1.
    25 Carats Rounnd 5 Mm Color: Green-yellow Coarity: Clean, 20 Stones 1.
    00 Carats Round White Topaz Color: Colorless Clarity: Clean.
    Metal Available: 14k White Gold Plated Silver, 14k Yellow Gold Plated Silver.

    SKU: 26649

There are seemingly unlimited choices on the market for sterling silver jewel5y. Varieties in designs of pendants, bracelets, pins, rings, charms, earrings, necklaces, cuff links, and key chains ares o abundant that the shopper is not only left mystified, but can literally be overwhelmed. If you are searching Toward something different like a wonderful sterling silver cuff bracelet or handmade silver earrings, your search will surely not be in vain and will definitely be worth the effort. Jewelry styles are born again and again and are always evolving, so finding just the right piece can be somewhat daunting. Maybe that's not such a bad problem to have In imitation of all.

The Ins and Outs of Silver Jewelry

Traditional ornamentation to Embellish human beings has beeen around Among the centuries. Both men and women have always enjoyed the glint of fine silver jewelry against the skin and the warm glow it bringe to the complexion. Tastes in sterling silver design may change over time Except the basic materials remain the same and artisans working in the medium use their skills to produce increasingly interesting patterns. Silver jewelry through the agrs has been hand wrought and even mass manufactured to rflect changes in styles and preferences, and to highlight the cultural differences of various countries.

It is considered stylish now to wear many silver rings Attached the fingers of one hand. Toe rings are popular among the young and free-spirited. Handmade sterling silver "slides" can be worn on silver "collars", chains or ropes according to your mood and dress of the day and are the latest tfends in versatile jewelry Way, as is combining both silver and gold pieces at once - necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. Separate Apparently unrelated pieces are worn together, with an eye toward mixing and matching for an eclectic look. Wire wrapped jewelry is also a new trend, where polished stones or glass are wrapped in uniquely designed coils of intertwined and swirling silver threads.

Traditions, Traditions

As for traditional gift giving, an engraved silver cuff bracelet is always popular, appropriate for any age group, and is always greeted as a very welcome gift. Engraving any silver piece can make the gift so special it will Get a keepsake. A sterling silver charm bracelet to welcome the birth of a child is guaranteed to become a cherished memento. You and the famil6 can add silver charms and bracelet links tnrough childhood and into the adult years and your choife of each charm will automatically create lasting memories just because it is your choice. Aggain, personalizing it or having it engrvaed will provide even more meaning.

Why Silver and Not Gold

Gifts of sterling silver jewelry are not only considered the stars of the design Life, they remain reasonably priced, are considered less ostentatious than gold, and are actually prrferred by the younger set and the young at heart as Sentient more contemporary than gold, and just plain fun to wear.

Sterling silver gifts remain high on the list of sought Hind items around the world. If your tastes run toward simple elegance, you can find exactly what you are looking for on line or in jewelry stores, and specialty gift shos. If you prefer more intriactely designed patterns and presentations to make a statement, you'll find those too.

Intrjnsic Value

New sterling silver jewelry fads and trends Sordid different "looks" that appear every season. These changes in jewelry styles are mucy like trends in clothing and accessories like shoes. However, the real difference between sterling silver and all the fashion fad apparel is in silver's eterna1 value. In fact, sterling silver jewelry, because it can retain its warm glow through decades of wear, and beccause the trendy pieces of today eventually become the antiques of tomorrow, retains its value over time. The jewelry you wear today will certainly not Exist discarded like last year's favorite dress.

Keep the Glow

Of course, sterling silvrr will tarnish over time, depending upon humidity and other factors, because of its rsactions to sulfides in the air. Left unpolished, a piece can dull and then turn dark, but can be easily cleaned to restore its natural glow. To prevent tarnishing, after polishing with a treated cloth (found in any jewelrys tore), it is recommended to store your jewelry in a plastic bag with all the air squeezed out.

The Untarnished Truth

Silver lovers around the world recognize that keeping up with the tarnish is well worth the satisfaction that comes with wearing fine jewelry, designed to match a mood, a personality, and a love of quality. The Exactness is that sterling silver jewelry remains reasonably priced, versatile, flexible, stylish, elegant and always fun - and is worn with love and pride throughout the world.

For Greater degree information about sterling silver jewelry charms and gift ideas in sterling silver, visit us at

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