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    Wisdom consists of knowing when to avoid perfection.

    Wisdom is what's left after we've run out of personal opinions.

    Without data, yours is just another opinion.

    Work hard and save your money and when you are old you will be able to buy the things only the young can enjoy.

    Work is accomplished by those employees who have not yet reached their level of incompetence.

    Work is the curse of the drinking class.

    Work may be the crabgrass of life, but money is still the water that keeps it green.

    You can always find what you're not looking for.

    You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can make a fool of yourself any time.

    You can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, and that should be sufficient for most purposes.

    You won't skid if you stay in a rut.

    You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think.

    You can observe a lot just by watching.

    You can't expect to hit the jackpot if you don't put a few nickles in the machine.

    You can't fall off the floor.

    You can't get here from there.

    You can't guard against the arbitrary.

    You can't outtalk a man who knows what he's talking about.

    You can't push a rope.

    You can't tell how deep a puddle is until you step into it.

    You can't tell which way the train went by looking at the track.

    You will remember that you forgot to take out the trash when the garbage truck is two doors away.

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