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    Horngren's Observation: Among economists, the real world is often a special case.

    Hubbard's Law: Don't take life too seriously; you won't get out of it alive.

    Hurewitz's Memory Principle: The chance of forgetting something is directly proportional uh...

    IBM Project Management Axiom: Need for project modifications increases proportionally to project completion.

    Instruction Booklet Governing Principle: Instruction booklets are lost by the Goods Delivery Service. If not, they are listed in four languages: Japanese, Thai, Swahili, and Mongol.

    Jenkinson's Law: It won't work.

    Johnson-Laird's Law: Toothache tends to start on Saturday night.

    Johnson's Corollary: Nobody really knows what is going on anywhere within the organization.

    Kramer's Law: You can never tell which way the train went by looking at the track.

    Larkinson's Law: All laws are basically false.

    The Last One's Law Of Program Generators: A program generator creates programs that are more "buggy" than the program generator.

    Law Of The Perversity of Nature: You cannot successfully determine beforehand which side of the bread to butter.

    The Law Of The Too Solid Goof: In any collection of data, the figures that are obviously correct beyond all need of checking contain the errors. Corollary 1: No one you ask for help will see the error either. Corollary 2: Any nagging intruder, who stops by with unsought advice, will spot it immediately.

    Robert E. Lee's Truce: Judgement comes from experience; experience comes from poor judgement.

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