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    Reasons to leave work

    1. Not spending enough quality time with the kitchen applicances.

    2. Came dressed in only a towel...again.

    3. Ran out of paper clips.

    4. I've decided to telecommute.

    5. Ambassador to Belgium is at the White House.

    6. It's a long drive home to Texas.

    7. One-day sale at Macy's.

    8. My brain is melting!

    9. I think they found me out...

    10. Accidently erased the whole week's work off the computer disk.

    Reasons to stay at work all night

    1. Act out your version of a company takeover.

    2. Find a way to change everyone's password to "chrysanthemum".

    3. Around 3:20am, play connect-the-dots with lights still on in other office buildings. Keep going until you see a small woodland creature.

    4. Sneaking in the boss's desk could land you an unexpected promotion.

    5. Draw stick people in all the landscape pictures on the walls, and in the morning, be the first to point out "what a terrible thing that someone did this to such beautiful works of art".

    6. Go into the other gender's bathroom without fear of being caught.

    7. Run up and down the hallways screaming, hoping security will come so you can have someone to talk to.

    8. Leave prank messages on the CEO's voice mail.

    9. Finally, a chance to live out a dream and pretend to be your boss.

    10. Elevator surfing!

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