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    A cat's dictionary

    Purring: Sound of a cat manufacturing cuteness.

    Purrverse: Poem about a strange kitty.

    Purranoia: The fear that your cat is up to something.

    Human being: Automatic door opener for cats.

    Purrpetual: Everlasting love for domesticated felines.

    Purrson: A male kitty.

    Purrpetual motion: A kitty playing

    Two fools are about to go flying

    Two morons stand on a cliff with their arms outstretched. One has some budgies lined up on each arm, the other has parrots lined up on his arms.

    After a couple of minutes, they both leap off the cliff and fall to the ground.

    Laying next to each other in intensive care at the hospital, one moron says to the other, "I don't think much of this budgie jumping."

    The other moron replies, "Yeah, I'm not too keen on this paragliding either."

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